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How to Make an Epic Free Fire Montage Thumbnail For Youtube?

The idea of becoming a Content Creator aka Youtuber has come around in so many Free Fire players minds.

An Attractive thumbnail is a must for Content Creators however, not everyone is good at it but here we will guide you on How to create a Professional & Attractive Free Fire Montage thumbnail for your Youtube channel from A to Z and will share some tips & tricks as well.

Why a Thumbnail is so much Important?

It has no surprise that a huge population only looks at your thumbnail and choose if they wanna watch it or not. No matter how incredible your video content is if the thumbnail is not decent then there is no chance of getting views. Because the fact is First impression does matter!

80% of People see your thumbnail first then decides to watch the video or not So attractive thumbnails are a must.
80% of People see your thumbnail first then decides to watch the video or not So attractive thumbnails are a must.

Tips & Tricks to Create a Free Fire Montage Thumbnail for Youtube!

There are a few important things you should keep in mind while creating Thumbnails for every kind of YouTube video whether it is Free Fire videos or any other, let’s take a look:

1. Keep it Simple

I have seen loads of Amateur Youtubers write down the whole summary of their videos in the thumbnails, and complains that they are not getting views.

According to Google, 70% of watch time on Youtube derives from Mobile devices which means users can not read a ton of text in the thumbnails and they are likely to find it very annoying.

Only add Relevant and high engaging title (image via Raistar Channel)

So it’s a good idea to add only relevant text and try to make it simple as possible. In my experience, you should only add important words for example as you can see in the above image, this simple headline and a relevant image can derive a good amount of traffic.

2. Keep it Relevant

Similar to Google and other search engines, Youtube also appreciates and promotes the content that solves users queries and gives a direct answer.

Free Fire Montage Thumbnail(image via Sk Sabir Gaming)

Hence, The Thumbnail should be relevant to your Video main story and should contain a few potential keywords for both Youtube and viewers attention.

An Engaging Free Fire Montage thumbnail is an easy way to derive viewers into clicking on your videos. However, if you just want to lure more and more people into your videos but your follow up content doesn’t meet your promising words, then get ready your video will engage with a bad bounce rate. I think no one wants their Youtube videos lower in the search results, Do you?

3. Use High Contrast Colors

To grab viewers attention, you should use high contrast colours and don’t use Black, white or reds as they tend to blend with YouTube’s branding.

Free Fire thumbnail example
Black, White & Red colours may blend with Youtube’s theme.

Try using Blue, orange, yellow and green to make your thumbnails pop. It’s better to check out thumbnails of those videos that are already ranking in the search result.

4. Keep it Branded

Adding Logo on your video thumbnails can boost brand awareness. You’ll want to include your logo so that it’s obvious, but doesn’t draw too much attention.

Free Fire Thumbnail maker like m8n
Your logo increases brand awareness (image via M8N/youtube)

Try adding your logo to the corner of the thumbnail. I suggest not to add the logo at the lower right corner as it will be covered by the video length.

Best Apps to Create Free Fire Thumbnails

It’s a fact that the human brain responds better to Visuals than text. This, creating visually appealing Free Fire thumbnails can significantly enhance your video views and traffic.

Free Fire thumbnail tutorials download
Attractive thumbnails can increase CTR by 200%

But only Quality content is not enough, your video content should be helpful for users to bring better engagement.

Now you know how to create attractive and attention-grabbing thumbnails, but you will need the right tool that will help you create them easily.

Here we are sharing some of the most popular Youtube Thumbnail Makers that a lot of content creators uses so far.

  • Pixellab
  • Adobe Spark
  • Canva
  • Picsart
  • Picmonkey
  • Placeit
  • Fotor etc.

These tools are easy to use and they are available for Android, iOS and PC as well. There are many tutorials available on Youtube that you can watch and learn to use them.

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