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Guide: How to Make a Lightning Trident in Minecraft

Minecraft features a lot of useful tools and weapons from which trident is one of the most powerful weapons in Minecraft. The damage it does is quite high that you can use it as both the melee and ranged weapon.

As the Trident is already very powerful, having a unique enchantment could make it more useful. In fact, an Enchantment called Channeling can even let the weapon summon the power of lightning though, it only works during Thunderstorms.

Having a Lightning Trident, you can even turn a normal creeper into the charged creeper which can kill you in one shot even if you have diamond armor.

To create a Lightning Trident, you’ll need to obtain a Trident and find a way to apply the Channeling enchantment.

Everything You Need To Know About TRIDENTS In Minecraft!

Obtaining the Items needed for a Lightning Trident in Minecraft

Creating a Lightning Trident without using cheats or creative mode is just a two-step process. You just need to acquire a Trident and then enchant it with Channeling. Sound easy right? But it isn’t. Creating a Lightning Trident can be a little more tricky than you think.

Trident cannot be crafted and the only way to obtain it is by killing Drowned who are carrying one. Though it doesn’t mean every drowned will drop their trident, there are only 8.5% chances of dropping. The good news is that luck can be increased by using a sword enchanted with Looting Enchantment. Every level of looting will increase the chance by 1%.

Trident can be obtained by killing a Drowned
Trident can be obtained by killing a Drowned (image via Minecraft)

Next, you will need to enchant your newly obtained trident with the Channeling enchantment. Channeling can be obtained directly through the Enchanting Table. You can also use an Anvil to apply the enchantment via the enchantment book obtained from fishing, chests, trading with Librarian Villager. Obtaining Channeling through the Enchanting Table is the easiest way among the all listed ones.

Once you have a Lightning Trident, you would need to learn how to use it. Though it is not hard still, in order to summon Lightning, you will need to wait until a Thunderstorm occurs. Then you can throw the trident at a target, which will be struck with lightning on contact.

The Lightning trident can even light the target on fire right after coming in contact with it, which makes it an incredibly dangerous weapon in Minecraft.

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