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How To Reach Master Rank in Free Fire Easily

The developers of Free Fire has brought plenty of changes in the recent OB31 update, one of them is the Changes in Game’s Ranked System.

In the update, a new master rank was added after the heroic and below the Grandmaster 1.

At first, this change doesn’t look significant but it it have huge impact on the rank system as it will make the rank ladder even more competitive.

Master Rank in Free Fire
Master Rank in Free Fire

many users desire to reach the higher rank tier so here’s some tips to reach the master and above tier easily in Free Fire.🚀

Tips to Reach Master Rank in Free Fire

#1 Team Work

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Squad Tips and Tricks for Rank Pushing

Playing with random players is the biggest mistake many players make, Good Coordination and communication is required to push higher rank which lack when playing with random teammates. Therefore, It is always advisable to play with teammates who have similar goal to push Rank.

If you play with them regularly then it will also build understanding and Teamwork, which is actually necessary in rank pushing.

#2 Characters, Pets and Gun Combination


The right combination of weapons, characters and pets have a considerable impact on the overall gameplay. Players should use a character which will give them Health points such as Alok, K or Jota are the few good ones to start.

Character combination with dj alok
Character combination with dj Alok (Image via Free Fire)

On the other hand, pets like Falco should be used in Battle royale and not in Clash Squad as there is no use in Clash Squad mode. Mr Waggor is another great choice for players as it is widely used.

Choosing a right combination of weapon is also required: one should be short range weapon and other should be for long range.

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#3 Start Late

Starting Rank Pushing late can be Beneficial
Starting Rank Pushing late can be Beneficial

To understand the whole concept why you should start rank pushing late, if a player start pushing rank from the first day of the season, there’s very high chance that you will lose more matches to higher skill players, so when the users begin a few days after the season begins, most pro players will already be in the Higher Rank tier, which means Less Competition.

These are some tips to easily reach new Master Rank in Free Fire easily.

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