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How to Regenerate The Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The Mighty Dragon that rules the Ender world of Minecraft. It is the final Boss players need to defeat in order to finish the game. Btw it may sound easy but it isn’t!

Well, if players want to regenerate the Ender Dragon to complete the achievement “The End…again!”, To complete this achievement, player need to resummon the Ender Dragon and defeat it once again.

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How to Regenerate The Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Regenerate the Ender Dragon in Minecraft
Resummon the Ender Dragon again!

To resummon the Mighty Dragon, players need to gather some items, 4 Ender Crystals, well it is not that easy to get them, players need to fight the powerful creatures in the Nether.

Material Needed:

  • The First thing a player need to regenerate the Ender Dragon is Glass, and 1 End Crystal needs 7 Glass. And by calculating, players need 28 glass to create 4 Ender Crystals.
  • The 2nd thing is Ghast Tears, yup players need to kill that creepy creatures to gather Ghast Tears and the drop rate is very low. So good luck with that.
  • The next thing we need is Ender pearls, and you need to fight the Enderman to get them. And as we know, it isn’t easy to gather them, the probability of dropping a Ender pearl from a Enderman is very Low.
  • The last thing we need is ofcourse Blaze Rod, it is needed to create the Eye of Ender. Now gather all the materials and move to the next step.

Crafting the End Crystals

Crafting the End Crystals (image via Minecraft)
Crafting the End Crystals (image via Minecraft)

Once you have all the items, then you will need to craft the End Crystals; and to regenerate the Ender Dragon again:

  1. Place a Eye of Ender in the middle slot of Crafting Table
  2. Now place a Ghast tear below the Eye of ender
  3. Cover the remaining slots with Glass and you are good to go!
  4. Craft 4 End Crystals and move to the next step.

Regenerating The Ender Dragon

Resummon the Ender Dragon again
Regenerate The Ender Dragon again!

This is the last step to regenerate the Ender Dragon:

  1. Go to the End World
  2. Place the End Crystals in the center of every Bedrock of the portal frame
  3. Once you place all the End Crystals properly, a chain reaction will start and the End Crystal will start working on the Obsidian Tower
  4. These end crystal will regenerate or resummon the Ender Dragon again and you know what to do!

Note: Make sure to place the End Crystals properly, otherwise they cannot be reclaimed and if you try to reclaim them, they will explode! So be careful.

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