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Genshin Impact: How To Travel Faster Without Teleport Waypoints

The World of Genshin Impact was bigger ever since it was released and it has only gotten bigger with every update. Since the addition of Dragonspine, Inazuma, and now Enkanomiya, traveling between continents takes much more time than before.

Teleport waypoints are undoubtedly the most convenient way to travel on this large Tevyat map. These waypoints allow you to instantly transport yourself in a blink of an eye. However, there might be a lot of teleport waypoints scattered around, but there are still many times you may need to travel manually.

Traveling faster in those circumstances is really necessary for convenience and for survival as well, so check out this guide to know how to travel faster in Genshin Impact without teleport waypoints.


Tips to Travel Quickly in Genshin Impact

> Increase/Manage your Stamina

As you run, climb, or swim in Genshin Impact, it drains your character’s stamina. Since the stamina is shared between your party members, changing character doesn’t have any effect. The stamina will slowly regenerate when you are walking or standing still.

Increase your stamina to travel longer distances
Increase your stamina to travel longer distances

You can increase the capacity of your stamina by upgrading the level of the statue of the seven., though it will still deplete quickly even at the maximum level.

You can prevent the stamina from quickly draining by tapping the Dash button for short intervals. It will let you travel faster and more efficiently, so periodically tapping the dash button will increase your overall speed.

There are certain foods in Genshin Impact that will decrease the stamina consumption of specific activities(e.g. gliding, swimming, etc). These are best eaten before you start the activity in order to gain full advantage of it.

> Build an Exploration Team

Some Characters in Genshin Impact has skills that are great for world exploration. Sayu, Mona and Kamisato Ayaka are the best characters for this job, their alternative sprints allows them to move faster without costing stamina.

Genshin Impact Fast Travel Team

In addition, tall characters like Kaeya, Diluc, childe, jean etc has higher sprint speed so they can sprint faster when you use the Dash button than small characters like Diona and Qiqi.

Morever, elemental skills of characters also affect the movement speed. For example, Diona’s passive talent increases her movement speed while decreasing the stamina consumption when sprinting. Besides, the elemental skill of Sayu allows the player to travel to long distances at a greater speed without wasting much stamina.

Additionally, you can decrease the stamina consumption and increase the movement speed by combining the skills of two Anemo characters in your party.

> Use Exploration Gadgets

There are couple of gadgets within Genshin Impact that will make your road trip more easier. These gadgets will help you travel without any inconvenience.

Red Feather Fan

Red Feather Fan

Red Feather Fan help increases the gliding speed of your character by 30% for 30 seconds before a 100 second cooldown. This gadget can be obtained by reaching Inazuma reputation level five.

One important thing to keep in mind that it cannot be used in midair so player need to activate it before gliding.

Portable Waypoint Gadget

Portable Teleport Waypoint showcase
Portable Teleport Waypoint showcase

This gadget works like a temporary teleport waypoint, wherever you place the portable waypoint, it will allow the player to freely teleport for 7 days. It is actually very useful when you want to travel to the same location repeatedly. Portable Waypoint Gadget can be obtained by reaching Mondstadt reputation level 6.

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