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How to Increase Movement Speed in Garena Free Fire?

If you have just started playing Free Fire and realized a lot of players other than you are moving faster? Keeping up is a major problem for any new players ( Sometimes Even for old ones too) playing the game. It leaves you lagging behind your teammates and makes you easy prey for other players. If you are looking for answers on How to increase movement speed in Free Fire then read this article.

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How to Increase Movement Speed in Free Fire?

Here are a few effective tips that will help you increase your Character’s movement speed by up to 10% than the normal one:

Use Fast Characters

Free Fire has more than 40 characters with each having a unique ability (except Adam & Eve), using a character that increases the movement speed like Kelly or DJ Alok gives players an upper hand. These characters can increase the player’s movement speed by up to 10%.

Since players can use 4 abilities at a time so I’d suggest you using Kelly and DJ Alok abilities with your character.

Increase your Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

Increasing Game Senstivity will not make your movement smooth but will also increase your chances of hitting headshots. Popular Youtubers like Raistar suggests using these Senstivity settings:

General: 90+ (For Smooth Movement)

Red Dot: 90+ (For Better Aim)

AWM Scope: 50 (Ideal)

Other: 100

Also, It depends on which phone you are using so if it doesn’t work for you then feel free to change it.

Practice Gun Switching for better movement

If you are a total beginner, practicing Gun Switch and running hands-free is a must because it will not only increase your movement speed but also help you in a fight.

However, it’s not only limited to the beginners, in fact every newbie or old players should practice it. You can go to training grounds and try switching weapon every time after firing a bullet.

Decrease the HUD Button Size

By decreasing the HUD button size, you are creating more visibility on the screen which will help your fingers run freely and requires less effort while moving. But make sure not to make the button too small, as the buttons may not work while in hurry.

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