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Is A Sister’s All You Need Good?

If there’s a show titled “A Sister’s All You Need”, what would you expect it to be about? Well frankly speaking, at first I thought it would be a sweet story about a loving family consisting of a brother and sister.

Since we know as in most anime, sisters have a crush for her brother, insisting that they would get married and all the stuff.

However, this anime “A Sister’s All You Need” isn’t about that either, but Itsuki, the protagonist, wishes it were. And that’s what the problem is!

Itsuki is a college dropout, but despite his young age, he is a publisher and a successful light novel author in Japan. Most days, he works or hang out in his small apartment along with his friends, Chihiro (who cooks for him), Nayuta (also a talented novelist and also youngest among them), Haruto (a novelist focused on his upcoming anime adaptation), and Miyako (a college student).

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They get along very well and passes most of the time joking around in their young-adult lives. Itsuki, however, has a serious “little-sister” complex, which also reflects in all of his published works.

He isn’t ashamed of it either, it’s his trademark motif. He even has a deep knowledge of anime and erotic visual novels which he uses as a reference material for his work.

He always dreams of having a real little sister, who wakes him up in the morning and whine when he’s out for too long… well, he’s always daydreaming…

However, it’s not just Itsuki alone, seemingly all of his friends have similar kind of fetishes. Nayuta has a hardcore crush on Itsuki, constantly asking to marry (or at least get physical with) him. Haruto also has too much amount of erotic-anime material in his home.

Elsewhere, one of his colleague is a young illustrator who insists on seeing naked bodies to inspire himself and later a “tax accountant” with a sadistic-fetish side comes in. Miyako and Chihiro seems to be the only one that are normal relative to everyone else.

At first, It may seem like Itsuki doesn’t have a little sister, however, when the plot continues, the audience slowly learns that Chihiro, the silent girl who look after Itsuki, is actually his little sister. It’s confusing when it’s first hinted out, and kept in the background until much later. Well, It’s never actually fully addressed in the anime by the end.

It’s not like “A Sister’s All You Need” is the only anime to have the characters with weird fetishes. In fact, there are dozens of anime series out there. However, this show is actually pretty good as a slice of life comedy-drama.

Even without a real story or plot to drive anything, it’s very enjoyable to see the day to day life of Itsuki and his friends, their dynamic with each other and some of the humor, such as Itsuki’s editor constantly searching him to meet his deadline or random day-trips across Japan.

All You need

In conclusion, A Sister’s All You Need is actually pretty good, as far as this genre (young people working in creative industry and hanging out with each other) is concerned. Most people may avoid it because of its crude and vulgar humor. Well, Despite it all, I actually admits I liked this anime. After a quick scan of what audience is talking about this series, this series pretty liked. Some suggests only “Men of Culture” could truly understand it.

If you like watching comedy drama and slice-of-life shows then I would recommend you to check out this anime!

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