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Ishura Anime Reveals New Teaser Trailer, Visual, and Release Date

The much-anticipated anime adaptation of Ishura has reached a significant milestone with the release of the second teaser trailer. This new trailer offers fans a closer look at the dark fantasy world, introducing its characters and action-packed scenes. Alongside this exciting update, the anime’s studio and staff details have been revealed, accompanied by an impressive teaser visual. Mark your calendars as the premiere date for Ishura has been set for January 2024.

Ishura: Cast & Staff

Ishura Trailer 2

The production of Ishura is led by director Takeo Takahashi (Wasteful Days of High School Girls) and assisted by Yuuki Ogawa. Adding their expertise to the project are four assistant directors: Takuya Asaoka (Immoral Guild), Fujiaki Asari (Love Flops), Takahiro Majima (Mieruko-chan), and Hironori Aoyagi (Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World). The animation is handled by studio Passione, known for their exceptional work in the industry.

The staff behind Ishura includes scriptwriter Kenta Ihara as the series composer. Youko Kikuchi and Yuka Takashina are the character designers, while Kazuo Ogura (Attack on Titan Final Season) and Yuuki Hatakeyama (The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes) handle the art direction. 

The monsters are designed by Seiji Handa (Yu-Gi-Oh: Arc-V) and Hiroya Iijima. Kanta Suzuki is responsible for the mechanical designs, and the music is composed by Masahiro Tokuda.

Meanwhile, the cast of this anime also features Yuuki Kaji voicing the protagonist, SoujirouReina Ueda as Yuno the Distant Talon, and Aoi Yuuki as Kia the World Word. Other notable cast members include Mamiko Noto as Elea the Red Tag, Rie Takahashi as Nihilo the Vortical Stampede, Sora Amamiya as Curte of the Fair Skies, Shoutarou Morikubo as Regnejee the Wings of Sunset, Romi Park as Taren the Punished, and Souichirou Hoshi as Dakai the Magpie.

Ishura Plot

Ishura Teaser Visual 2
Ishura Teaser Visual 2

Ishura draws its inspiration from the critically acclaimed light novel series written by Keiso and illustrated by Kureta. The story takes place in a world where the formidable Demon King has been defeated, leaving behind a host of powerful demigods competing for the title of the “True Hero.” Each champion possesses unique abilities, ranging from exceptional swordsmanship to awe-inspiring magic, leading to intense conflicts among themselves.

Published by KADOKAWA under the Dengeki no Shinbungei imprint, the light novels have garnered widespread acclaim and won the tankoubon/novels category of Kono Light Novel ga Sugai 2021. The series has also inspired a captivating manga adaptation by Meguri. It is noteworthy that Ishura initially began as a web novel on Kakuyomu in May 2017.

As the anime adaptation prepares to premiere in January 2024, fans of dark fantasy, action, and enthralling storytelling eagerly await the epic battles and power struggles that Ishura promises to deliver. The stage is set for a thrilling journey as champions clash to claim the title of the “True Hero.”


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