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M1887 Gun in Free Fire: Real Life, Best Skins, Guides & More!

M1887 is one of the best and most used weapons among the players in Garena Free Fire. Many players use M1887 instead of other shotguns and SMGs because of its high damage.

In this article, we are going to check out the fan favourite Shotgun “M1887” gun stats, Best skins, how to use perfectly and how it looks in real life.

M1887 Gun Stats

M1887 Shotgun Stats
M1887 Gun Stats

M1887 is used by many players as a short-range weapon to defeat enemies easily, the weapon has high damage and it is better than other shotguns available in the game. However, not a single attribute can be attached to the weapon and the only thing players don’t like about this is its slow reloading speed but we can increase it by equipping a skin.

M1887 Shotgun Best Skins

One Punch Man M1887

One punch man M1887 Skin (image source: Free Fire)
One Punch Man M1887 Skin (image via Free Fire)
  • Reload Speed ++
  • Damage +
  • Accuracy –

This Skin we’re released as a part of a collaboration with the One Punch Man anime. As we know, collab items rarely return, so it would be the rarest M1887 skin in the game.

This skin gives a double boost to the reload Speed and also increase damage and also the accuracy demerit is not that bad.

Hand of Hope M1887

Hand of hope M1887 Skin (image source: Free Fire)
Hand of Hope M1887 Skin (image via Free Fire)
  • Reload Speed ++
  • Accuracy +
  • Movement Speed –

Hand of Hope skin was recently released in the game and was available in the Hope Ascension Token Tower event. The skin looks decent with a Skeleton design and smokey green patches.

This skin is much similar to the One Punch Man skin with double reload speed attributes. The additional accuracy will let you deal more damage on body shots but makes it harder for headshots.

Rapper Underworld M1887

Rapper Underworld Gun Skin (image source: Free Fire)
Rapper Underworld M1887 Skin (image via Free Fire)
  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Reload Speed +
  • Accuracy –

Rapper Underworld is the only M1887 skin with a buff in the rate of fire. As the weapon has already high damage, a double rate of fire will make this weapon even more powerful and also increase its Damage/second. The Rapper Underworld has a quick two bullet burst that players can use to knock down a foe, making it the best M1887 gun skin in Free Fire.

M1887 Gun in Real Life

M1887 Gun in Real Life (image credit: NOVRITSCH/Youtube)

This is the image of the real-life M1887 gun which is known as the Winchester Model 1887 shotgun. This gun looks cool in real life though!

Why is the M1887 Gun So Good?

M1887 was released back in 2020 and it is balanced pretty well. It has also become the most popular short-range weapon among the Free Fire Community.

M1887 is popular among one shot players

Because of its high damage, Players use this weapon to defeat enemies in one shot and it is one of the few weapons with enough damage for that.

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