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Minecraft 1.19: List of All New Advancements & How to complete them!

The most awaited Minecraft 1.19 update we all have been waiting for has already been out along with many new items and 7 new advancements. Since many people has already been aware of most features but may not be well aware of the new advancements (2 new hidden advancements), read this article to know more about them.

All *NEW* Minecraft Advancements for 1.19 The Wild Update

List of All New Advancements in Minecraft 1.19 & How to complete them

> Bukkit Bukkit

Objective: Catch a tadpole in a bucket

Tadpole is a baby version of the frog that later matures into one of three frog variants, depending on the biome they are in. Though catching them won’t be easy since they do not spawn naturally and can only be spawned by breeding two frogs.

Tadpole in a Bucket
Catch tadpoles in a bucket to complete this advancement

To breed the frogs, you need to feed them slime balls, and eventually one of them would lay eggs just like turtles. After the eggs hatch, use a bucket to collect them and your advancement will be unlocked.

> It Spreads

Objective: Kill a mob near the Sculk Catalyst

Sculk Catalyst is a newly added block that is only available in the deep dark biome. However, this advancement is not as simple as it looks, to finish it, you will need to either bring a mob down to the Deep Dark Biome or use a Silk touch tool to pick up the block and bring it to the surface or you can either obtain it by defeating the warden.

Sculk catalyst spreads like an infestation
Sculk catalyst spreads like an infestation

This block is fairly sinister, it spreads like an infection. When you kill a mob near this block, it spawns and spreads the sculk all over the place.

> With Our Powers Combined!

Objective: Have all Froglights in your inventory

Froglights are rare light blocks which are recently added in the Minecraft 1.19 update. These blocks are created when a frog eats a small magma cube. The type/color of frog light depends on which region of the frog has eaten the magma cube i.e. temperate frogs give ochre froglights, Cold frogs gives verdant froglights and warm frogs leave pearlescent froglights.

Froglight blocks
Obtain all three types of Froglights to complete this advancement

To complete this advancement, you can either catch tadpoles and use them to create frog lights in different regions or visit each region and feed frog magma cubes to spawn different froglights.

> When The Squad Hops Into Town

Objective: Get each frog variant on a lead

To complete this advancement, you need to put all three variants of frogs on leashes. This is actually a pretty simple task, the advancement automatically triggers when you put a lead each time on a frog, which means you just need to put leads three times on three different frogs.

Minecraft frogs

> Birthday Song

Objective: Have an allay drop a cake at the Note Block

This is actually a hidden advancement and can only be seen when you complete it. Here you need to find an Allay (small wisp-like passive mob) which are found surrounding pillager outposts, confined inside dark oak cages, or in jail cells.

Allay dropping cake

To complete this advancement, you need to give a cake to the allay and a note block to make it drop the cake. Cakes can be crafted using three milk buckets, two sugar, 1 egg, and three wheat.

> You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Objective: Have an allay deliver items to you

Similar to the Birthday song, this is also a hidden advancement that can only be viewed after completion. This is also a very easy advancement, players just need to give an allay an item and it would come back with more of the same item. You can even speed up the process by having 2 same items, giving an allay 1 item, and dropping the other on the ground.

Allay minecraft
Fact: If you give an amethyst shard to an Allay, it will duplicate into two allays

> Sneak 100

Objective: Sneak near a sculk sensor or Warden to prevent it from detecting you

To complete this advancement, you just need to sneak (crouch) and walk near a sculk sensor within 3 blocks range or 5 blocks from a Warden. I’d recommend you to try this on sculk sensor since warden can still detect you.

Sneak near a sculk sensor or warden to complete the advancement
Sneak near a sculk sensor or warden to complete the advancement

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