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Minecraft Deep Dark Release Date, Location, Mobs and more

The Minecraft Deep Dark also known as The Wild Update is a very hot topic among the fans which will be available in the next update in 2022. The new biome will bring many new locations to explore, Resources to collect and dangerous Mobs to defeat. Here you can check out everything about the Minecraft Deep dark update.

Minecraft Deep Dark Update Release Date

This Special biome will be found under y=0 below the Bedrock. However, there is no information about how to reach there yet. The Deep Dark Cave is scheduled for the Minecraft 1.19 update in 2022.

The Deep Dark biome will have many resources and Chests to loot while exploring the caves, but Stay safe from the Dangerous creatures found in the darkness.

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New Mob: Warden

The Warden is the new hostile mob that lives underground in the Deep Dark. These mobs are the bipedal Guardians of the cave and also the first Blind Mob to arrive in the game.

Minecraft - Warden Mob Reveal Minecraft Live 2020 [HD 1080P]
The Warden first look in Minecraft Deep Dark

The Warden may be blind but don’t think it is easier to beat, these creepy mobs can detect your location just by hearing your movement sounds.

One tricky thing about the warden is that it is stronger than the Wither, so if you manage to kill a warden, it will still keep spawning for you. Fortunately, if you have good stamina, it’s better to outrun them.

New Blocks: Shrienkers, Sculk Blocks and Sensors

The new update will add many new blocks that we haven’t seen before such as Shrienkers, Sculk Blocks and Sensors. These blocks make this update highly anticipated and unique. Check out about them below!

Sculk Blocks

The Sculk Blocks are the newest blocks found in the Deep dark caves. These Dark Blue blocks can be found almost everywhere in this new biome, these blocks give these caves a dark theme which makes them very unique and mysterious.

Sculk blocks are everywhere in the Minecraft Deep Dark Caves
The Sculk blocks gives a Dark theme in the Deep Dark Caves

Besides this, the mobs that die in the Sculk blocks spread and vine out onto the surrounding blocks.

Sculk Sensors

Sculk sensors in the Minecraft Deep Dark Update
Sculk Sensors (image via Youtube)

Sculk Sensors are also the newest living blocks found in the Deep Dark Caves. These sensors track the players by hearing the Sounds and release a Redstone signal when activated. So you should crouch while moving to reduce the movement sound to avoid being tracked down by the Sculk Sensors.

Sculk Shrienkers

The Sculk sensors release a signal and send it to Sculk Shrienkers that works as an alarm in the dark caves, which notifies the mobs about the invasion of outsiders in their habitats.

Sculk Shrienkers in the Minecraft Wild Update 2
Sculk Shrienkers in the Deep Dark (image via Youtube)

Bonus: The Wild Update

Apart from the Deep Dark Biome, a new Swamp biome will also get introduced in the Minecraft 1.19 update. The update will bring Frogs into the game with three species including default, tropical and snowy frogs.

Minecraft Live 2021 - Deep Dark Full Showcase (Deep Dark City & The Warden) The Wild Update
Minecraft Deep Dark Showcase Video | Minecraft Live 2021

The wild update will also bring a new feature that allows players to carry chests, these chests can be carried in the boat to bring essential items and loots for exploration.

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