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What are Minecraft Hidden Advancements & How to get them!

After defeating the Ender Dragon, You might be wondering what to do next? Is there anything else left to complete?

The simple answer is Yes, Minecraft is full of secrets and there are still many things to explore. It just doesn’t end after defeating an Ender Dragon or acquiring an Elytra.

Do you know Minecraft has 4 hidden achievements to complete? Actually, it is hidden by default and only unlocks when players complete them.

Here we will showcase all the Information about Minecraft’s Hidden Advancements and how to get them.

What are Hidden Advancements in Minecraft?

In simple words, These are the advancements that cannot be visible on the Advancements Table until a player completed them.

These are the following hidden advancements present in Minecraft 1.18 version:

  • Hero of the Village
  • Voluntary Exile
  • Arbalistic
  • How did we get here?

1) Hero of the Village

This Achievement unlocks when a player successfully defends an active villager against illagers raid in Minecraft.

The raid starts, when a player enters a village under an influence of the Bad Omen effect. It doesn’t matter which village (except Abandoned village) you’re in, the raid will start as soon as you enter a Minecraft chunk with a village in it.

When the raid’s over, You’ll be rewarded with the Hero of the Village status effect, and You can trade with villagers at a maximum discount.

Minecraft Hero Of The Village Effect Explained! 1.14 Beta Raid Features!

Illager Raids are one of the toughest challenges in Minecraft. There are multiple waves and the difficulty increases with each new wave. So if you have decided to start one, Must prepare your defenses first otherwise you’ll gonna blow up!

2) Voluntary Exile

Voluntary Exile achievement unlocks when a player kills a raid leader, who is an illager with an Ominous banner.

Mostly, They spawns during pillager patrols, during a raid and sometimes you can also spot them riding a Ravager. The fastest way to complete the advancement is to find a Pillager outpost and kill the leader.

It’s not too hard to beat them, you can just snipe them from a long distance, but make sure not to let them surround you!

How I got the Voluntary Exile advancement - Minecraft

3) Arbalistic

This Advancement might be tough for some and easy for others. To complete it, Players need to kill 5 Mobs in one shot with a Crossbow.

Completing Arbalistic can be tricky in Survival mode, but it is still possible. The easiest way is to first enchant your Crossbow with Piercing IV (at least) so that arrows can hit 5 targets at a time.

You need to trap 5 animal mobs in such a way that they can’t move around and ruin your aim. Hit high hp mobs a few times to lower their health so you can kill’em all in one shot.

For me, it is the easiest Hidden achievement among all the listed ones.

How to get the "Arbalistic" Advancement Easily | Minecraft Tutorial

4) How did we get here?

This is the hardest hidden advancements to unlock in Minecraft. To complete it, Players need to have all the 26 status effects applied to them at once.

It might sound easy but believe me, it is the hardest one and even I couldn’t able to complete it, lol.

Here’s the list of all the status effects, that needs to be applied at once in order to unlock this achievement:

  1. Absorption
  2. Bad Omen
  3. Blindness
  4. Conduit Power
  5. Dolphin’s Grace
  6. Fire Resistance
  7. Glowing
  8. Haste
  9. Hero of the Village
  10. Hunger
  11. Invisibility
  12. Jump Boost
  13. Levitation
  14. Mining Fatigue
  15. Nausea
  16. Night Vision
  17. Poison
  18. Regeneration
  19. Resistance
  20. Slow Falling
  21. Slowness
  22. Speed
  23. Strength
  24. Water Breathing
  25. Weakness
  26. Wither

First, you need to brew all the required potions and fill the dispenser with them. Next, you need to get the Hero of the Village and Bad Omen effect, their duration is long enough so it won’t be any problem.

Minecraft "How Did We Get Here" Advancement Tutorial in Survival

Afterward, You need to get all the Mobs status effects then use the dispenser to activate the rest effects, but do quickly as the mob effects are for a very short time.

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