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Minecraft Skyblock Seeds: How To Play Skyblock Mode in Minecraft PE?

Minecraft, the most challenging game which allows players to do almost anything from creating small homes to the grand castles. To make it more challenging, players often look for various seeds and mods.

Among all the mods, Skyblock is one of the oldest and popular mods ever created. Here in this article, we will show you how you can play Skyblock in Minecraft PE or Bedrock Edition.

What is SkyBlock in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Sky block is one of the most popular and challenging maps ever created, the original Skyblock map was developed by Noobcrew in 2011 for java edition.

The idea behind it is to challenge players to create and expand their world with very minimal resources and beat the Ender Dragon.

Skyblock map in Minecraft Pe
SkyBlock Map (image via Mojang)

The Skyblock world will start on a very small floating island in the void, with a tree and a few other resources to use. Players need to understand the basics of this map to use the resources strategically and survive.

Many players still play the original Skyblock map, however, there are many variations of the map made by the Minecraft community and even many active online skyblock servers to play with other players.

How to get Minecraft PE Skyblock Seed?

Skyblock is a Minecraft Map and there is no such seed. To play this, Players need to download the map on their phone or join a server to play with friends.

Mine craft skyblock screenshot
Minecraft Skyblock Screenshots

Here are some popular Skyblock Maps for Pocket Edition to try out:

Mega SkyBlock

Mega Skyblock is a bit different from the usual Skyblock map as it has more than 41 islands to explore. Players will need to explore the surrounding islands to gather resources, each island will have a different biome.

Skyblock PE Survival

SkyBlock PE Survival is a well known and popular map among Minecraft PE Players. It is downloaded thousands of times and the number is continuously rising. So you should check it out once!

MystiQ SkyBlock

MystiQ SkyBlock is one of the best maps for the Bedrock Edition. The map has many different challenges and features including an ore shop. At last, players will need to defeat the Ender Dragon to beat this map.

Download Maps from here.

How to Setup Minecraft PE SkyBlock Map in Mobile Devices

Minecraft Skyblock

Follow these steps to setup Skyblock map on your mobile device, it is the same process for Android and iOS Devices:

Step 1: Download a Skyblock map in your device

Step 2: Open the File Manager and Extract the zip file into the following patch (/storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds)

Step 3: Open Minecraft and check the world list and click on the Skyblock map.

This way you can easily download and play the SkyBlock Map on your Mobile device.

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