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Minecraft XP Farming Guide: Best Way to Level Up Faster!

Experience is one of the key features of Minecraft. Although there’s no ability or skills to unlock, players can use it to unlock powerful Enchantments, naming nametags, repairing tools and gears…

As XP is a necessary resource, gaining it is a slow process. Fortunately, players have figured out countless methods to farm it quickly and efficiently. Here we are sharing a few best Minecraft XP Farming ideas and methods which will surely help you gain tons of XP points faster.

BEST WAY to Get XP in MINECRAFT - A Guide to Early Game Experience Farming!

Minecraft: Best Farming Methods to Gain XP and Level Up Faster

Monster Hunting

Hunting Mobs can be troublesome and definitely not the quickest way to gain XP but certainly sufficient for most early game needs. By killing a mob such as a Creeper, skeleton, spider, zombie, or that sort of, you get five experience points which means you can reach up to level 30 by killing around 280 mobs.

Kill around 280 Mobs to reach Level 30
Kill around 280 Mobs to reach Level 30 (image via Mojang)

If you definitely do not want to mess with these mobs, I’d recommend you build an automated XP farm. Read on to know more about it.

Automated XP Farm

Automated XP farms are the most efficient way to farm quick experience. Basically, to build an automated farm, you will need to find a spawner or you can’t find one, you can even make a farm design that uses dark platforms to spawn mobs like this!!!

Minecraft: EASY MOB XP FARM TUTORIAL! 1.19 (Without Mob Spawner)

A mob spawner can produce around 5 mobs per minute means 30 XP per minute which means at a rate of 30 XP/min, you can reach level 30 in around 45 minutes (only if you continuously kill them).

Mining Quartz

Quartz mining is one of the quickest ways to gain XP in Minecraft. In comparison to most ores, Quartz gives the highest experience points while mining and is very plentiful in the nether.

Nether Quartz gives upto 4 xp
Nether Quartz gives up to 4 XP (image via Minecraft)

Mining a single Quartz will give you around 4 XP on average, which means you would have to mine around 350-400 quartz ores to reach level 30. Basically, quartz spawns in large groups with up to 14 ores in each group so you won’t need to worry about finding them.

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