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5 Must-Have Items for Exploring The End in Minecraft

Minecraft gives the players complete freedom to do almost everything, to beat the game till the end. Minecraft literally has an End world where players can venture and defeat the final boss “The Ender Dragon” to complete the game.

It might not be hard for old players who have already defeated the Ender Dragon several times, but those who are trying for the first time must be aware of the dangerous place as it is not easy as the overworld. The End Realm is full of danger where thousands of Enderman are waiting for you to look into their eyes.

If you are a new player who is trying for the first time, Here we are sharing 5 items you must bring while exploring The End World in Minecraft.

Top 5 Items to bring while Exploring The End in Minecraft

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Carved Pumpkin

Carved Pumpkin is the first item players should bring while exploring the End in Minecraft. By wearing a carved pumpkin as a helmet, you can avoid any Enderman eye contact, this way you can literally avoid any unusual Enderman encounter easily. However, if you hit the Enderman first, they will show no mercy!

✔ MINECRAFT | How to Make a Carved Pumpkin! 1.14

You can shear a Pumpkin using a Shears to carve a pumpkin, it can also be used to spawn golems by placing it above iron blocks.

Strong Building Blocks

The islands are not connected to each other hence navigating between them might be hard. Enderman can also move your blocks to ruin your structure in that case, you should not use any block that enderman can easily pick up such as Grass Blocks…

Bring 2-3 stacks of blocks so you can easily move b/w two islands
Bring 2-3 stacks of blocks so you can easily move b/w two islands

Instead, You should use heavy blocks like Stone or planks that the enderman can’t pick. You will need to have at least 2-3 stacks of blocks to easily travel between the islands.

Ender Pearls

Use Ender pearl to teleport between two islands!
Use Ender pearl to teleport between two islands!

This is an important item player should carry while exploring The End. You can use them to easily teleport between two islands. it can be useful when you are falling into the void, you can throw ender pearls to the surface of a block to transport to survive.

Totem of Undying

Totem of Undying
Totem of Undying (image via Mojang)

A totem of undying is not an essential item but it can be useful to keep when exploring a dangerous realm. However, it’s useless if you might fall into the void but it can be useful if you encounter loads of Enderman or shulkers.

Ender Chest

While exploring the end, you might need some important items like potions or foods which you can access on the go without fear of losing the items.

Ender Chest are helpful, you can access the items anywhere
Ender Chests are helpful, you can access the items anywhere! (image via Minecraft)

By bringing this chest, you can farm any item in the realm and store them into the chest for later use. You can even increase the inventory space of the ender chest by pairing it with shulker boxes which can easily be farmed in the end city.

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