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Name Tags in Minecraft: How To Make, Uses & Easter Eggs Explained

Many Newbie players still didn’t know about the Name Tags secrets, what is it, how to make it… Basically, Nametag is a very useful item whose work is to give names to mobs to prevent it from despawning and many pro players use it to build EXP Farms in Minecraft.

With a Name Tag, Players can name mobs whether it is a zombie or a villager to stop them from despawning naturally. Moreover, Name tags work as a catalyst for some most popular easter eggs embedded within.

First Let’s start with how to get a name tag in Minecraft?

How to make/get Name Tags in Minecraft?

Players should know that Name Tag is an item that cannot be acquired through crafting and it can only be found across the Minecraft world. Here are some ways to which players can easily find it:

1. Chest Loot

Name tags are commonly found in the chests loot from Mineshafts, Dungeons, and Woodland Mansion + Buried Treasure(in Bedrock edition).

StructureBiomeChances of getting Name Tags
Woodland MansionDark Forest28.3%
MineshaftsUnderground or Underwater in any overworld biome42.3%
Dungeonoverworld 27.9%
Buried TreasureBuried underground in the overworld34.3%
Source: Minecraft Fandom
Woodland mansion
Name Tags can easily be obtained in the Woodland Mansion

2. Fishing

Fishing rods are not just made for catching fish, players can obtain various random items while fishing in the game. With a Non-Enchanted Fishing Rod, the chances to get a fish is 85%, a 10% chance to get junk item, and a 5% chance to obtain the treasure.

With a Luck of the Sea Enchanted Rod, the chances of catching treasure increase.

3. Trading

Trading is the most common way to obtain a Nametag, A Master Level Librarian sells a name tag for 20 Emeralds although, it is a little expensive but also the easiest way.

However, players can lower the costs by turning the villager into a zombie villager and cure them later, But the whole process may take a little longer time.

How to Use Name Tags in Minecraft?

how to use name tags
Tip: You can rename multiple name tags with just one exp level

Players can name any mob by giving this item, however, it does not work on other Minecraft players and Ender Dragon. Here are the following steps to use Name Tags in Minecraft:

  • First, players should rename the Name tag with an Anvil (it will cost 1 experience level)
  • Take the Name tag in the hand and click on a mob you wanna name
  • the name will be visible in above the mob and will not despawn.

Once a name is given to a mob, It is impossible for Players to remove the name of that mob unless they use Commands.

Name Tags Easter Eggs in Minecraft

Name tags easter eggs in Minecraft
Easter Eggs effects in Minecraft (image source: Gurugamer.com)

  • Any Mob that receives the name “Dinnerbone” or “Grum”will be turn upsidedown. it is fun trick to prank your friends and even you can make an upside down design to confuse Minecraft Server players.
  • Any Sheep that receives the name “jeb_” will start to change its wool color, giving a Rainbow effect. although, it will stop working once the wool is sheared.
  • Naming a Rabbit “toast” cause it to change its skin and will turn into a player’s rabbit who went missing.
  • Naming a Vindicator “Johnny” will make the mob aggresive and will start attacking every other mobs including Wither. However, it will not gonna attack other illagers and ghasts.

Facts behind these Easter Eggs

  • “jeb_” is named after one of the original Minecraft Creators, Jens Bergsten.

There are no practical effects from these names however, they are pretty fun to try out in the game.

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