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OP Vincenzo Free Fire UID, Stats, Monthly Income, Country and More

Vincenzo is one of the most popular Free Fire Content Creator on Youtube. He regularly uploads gameplay clips and highlight videos in his youtube channel.

In this article, we will look at his in-game stats and other details.

OP Vincenzo UID & Stats ✓

Lifetime Stats ✓

Vincenzo Ranked Stats

Vincenzo Free Fire id or uid number is 437144862 and currently he is a part of Senstrem Guild. Check out his in-game stats:

Vincenzo has played 22865 Squad matches in which he has won 3747 times, and a win rate of 16.38%. He has killed 83464 enemies with a K/D Ratio of 4.37.

OP Vincenzo has played 1751 duo matches and has won 305 times with a win rate of 17.41%. He has defeated 5169 opponents with a K/D Ratio of 3.57.

Vincenzo has played 1177 Solo games in which he has got Booyah 107 times resulting in a win rate of 9.09%. He has defeated 2957 enemies with a K/D Ratio of 2.76.

Ranked Stats ✓

Vincenzo current season Ranked Stats

Vincenzo has appeared in 358 Squad ranked matches in the current season. He has won 35 times with a win rate of 9.77%, alongside that he has defeated 1140 opponents while maintaining a K/D Ratio of 3.53.

Vincenzo has not played any Solo or Duo Ranked games in the current season.

Note: This stats were recorded at the time of writing this article and the stats may change.

Vincenzo Earnings💲

Vincenzo Earnings stats (image via social blade)

According to Social Blade, the Estimated monthly income of the popular youtuber Vincenzo is between $1.4k – $23.1k each month. His estimated yearly income is around $17.3k – $277.6k.

Vincenzo’ Youtube Channel Stats ⭐

Vincenzo’ Youtube Channel Stats

Vincenzo has been regularly uploading Free Fire gameplay videos with the oldest one dates December 2018. He has uploaded 442 videos in his channel till now. His channel has gained a total of 448 million views and a subscribers count of 6.7 Million.

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The Stats are recorded at the time of writing and subject to change.

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