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P90 Gun in Free Fire: Real Life, Best Skins, Tips & More!

Garena Free Fire features a variety of weapons including ARs, SMGs, Sniper rifles, & Shotguns. Among them, SMGs are the powerful guns in Close Combats with a high rate of fire.

Most of the veteran players already know about the Most Powerful SMGs in Free Fire such as MP40 and Mac-10. However, in this article, we are going to check out Free Fire’s “P90” Gun Stats, best skins, how to use perfectly and how it looks in real life.

Free Fire: P90 Gun Stats

Free fire p90 gun stats
P90 Gun Stats (image via Free Fire)

P90 is used by many players as a Mid-range weapon however, it is not as powerful as other SMGs available in the game. The weapon has a high rate of fire and it has the highest magazine size which allows to use up to 50 shots. The weapon can be attached with Magazine, stock and scope attribute to increase its power.

Ump Vs Mp5 Vs P90 Which Gun Is More Better! Garena Free Fire
UMP/MP5/P90 Which Gun is Best in Garena Free Fire

The only thing Free Fire players don’t like about this weapon is its low damage but it can be increased by using a double damage attributes skin.

Free Fire: P90 Gun Best Skins

Here are the top 5 best P90 skins released in Garena Free Fire that players should have:

P90 The Punishers

P90 the punishers
P90 The Punishers Skin (image via Free Fire)
  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Damage +
  • Reload Speed –

P90: The Punishers is one of the best skin for the weapon. The skin gives a double boost in the Rate of Fire and damage buff, while only reducing the reload speed which is not that bad because of its large magazine size.

The Punishers skin increases the damage output of the weapon, making it the perfect skin for the P90 gun in Free Fire.

P90 Rebel Academy Skin

P90 rebel skin
P90 Rebel Academy Skin (image via Free Fire)
  • Damage ++
  • Range +
  • Magazine –

P90 Rebel academy is a good skin as it increases the stats that are needed the most, double damage and range. This skin boost the weapon to deal more damage and be more versatile in any situation whether it is close-range or mid-range fight.

P90 Make it Rain

P90 make it rain
P90 Make It Rain Skin (image via Free Fire)
  • Rate of Fire ++
  • Range +
  • Reload Speed –

The P90 Make it Rain skin was released during the first collaboration between the Free Fire and Money Heist web series. The skin gives a double boost in the rate of fire and Range buff while reducing the reload speed, however, the reload speed nerf doesn’t matter much as it has the 50 rounds magazine.

There is no doubt the best skin of P90 in Free Fire. The damage and range buff make the weapon even more powerful than MP5.

P90 Gun in Real Life

P90 gun in real life
P90 Gun in Real Life (image via Wikipedia)

This is the image of the real-life P90 Gun which is known as the FN P90 Submachine gun. This weapon looks decent in real life though!

Tips to use P90 Perfectly

Here are a few tips New players can use while playing Free Fire:

  • The P90 gun doesn’t effective on a long-range so players should use it for close-range fights.
  • Since the P90 has a large magazine so players can use the advantage to constantly attack enemies, not giving them enough time to reload and heal.
  • Players can use Jota with P90 as they will get 40 HP after every kill which helps them fight with more than 1 enemy at once.

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