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Pokemon Last Fire Red Complete ROM: Download, Cheats, & More!

You might have tried many Pokemon ROM Hacks that simply alter the gameplay mechanism of the base ROM. One of these ROM Hacks surely be – Pokemon Last Fire Red.

Last Fire Red is one of the most popular altered ROM based on the Original FireRed, which follows the same story of that game but there are minor changes in the story and additions which you might not even notice that much.

The Game has tons of great features which are enough to keep you busy for the most part. So if you want to know more about the Last Fire Red and How to download it, Cheats, Features, Story, and any other information, do read this article till the end.

Pokemon Last Fire Red: Story, Features, and Other Details

Can You Beat Pokemon The Last Fire Red With Ash's Team?! (no items rom hack)


As I stated earlier, the game story is pretty much the same, you start from Pallet Town as RED to become the Pokemon Master. The features is what makes this ROM completely different. It has many outstanding features such as Poke Montures, Fakemons, Dynamax, and more.

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Since the story is almost the same, features are where the game shines. Pokemon Last Fire Red has a graphical update that gives more vibes of Black and White, not only the Character appearance but also the battle animations and backgrounds are similar to those games. The UI is also very much identical to the Black and White Edition.

There are plenty of changes in Pokemon type, moves, abilities, etc. There are many Pokemon presents from Gen I to Gen VIII, as well as mixed in with some original fakemons. The Dev has also added Hard mode for those who think they are Pro in this game to challenge themselves. One more thing to note, the ROM is complete which is a good thing.

Pokemon Last Fire Red Cheat codes and download link

Here are some exciting features to keep track on:

  • Updated graphics similar to Pokemon Black and White
  • Battle animations have been updated along with Battle backgrounds
  • Large Pokemon base from Gen I to VIII
  • Several Fakemon included!
  • Mega Evolution available
  • Alola Forms are also available
  • Can Dynamax in battle
  • Physical and Special split
  • Day and night cycle
  • New items added to the game and overall updated
  • Poke Montures
  • Can play in Hard Mode
  • Run indoors
  • Pokemon Trainer levels will scale with you
  • TMs are reusable
  • Can learn over learned HMs
  • DexNav

Download Link & Cheat Codes

Pokémon Last Fire Red is based on the original FireRed having completely different features and companions, the game is available in English so you won’t have any problem understanding the context.

You can download the Complete ROM from here (Click here to Download) or Mirror Link.

Cheat Codes

Here are some cheat codes you might find handy:

Rare Candies: (820257C4 0044) allows you to withdraw unlimited Rare Candies from the nearest PC.

Master Balls: (820257C4 0001) allows you to withdraw an unlimited amount of Master Balls from the nearest PC.

Shiny Pokemon Encounters: (1670047D 04815C68),(18452A7D DDE55BCC) allows you to catch shiny pokemon in wild.

Pokemart items at 0 Cost: (82003884 02C6) allow you to buy any item from Pokemart for free of cost.


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