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Pokémon Radical Red: Download Link, Cheats, Features & more!

Pokemon FireRed is among the most popular GBA games all around the Internet. since many Pokémon Fans have already completed the game, they always look for new ROMs with amazing features and stories so if you are also looking for it, you should try out Pokémon Radical Red!

Radical Red is a hack or modified version of Original FireRed, the story is pretty much the same but the gameplay elements, graphics, and mechanism are much better, the difficulty of the ROM hack is also a bit high to make the game more challenging which fans will surely like.

The Modified ROM is something you can’t take lightly as the increased difficulty has made this ROM more challenging.

Pokemon Radical Red But I Can Only Use Dragon Types! (Hardest Rom Hack)

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Pokémon Radical Red Storyline and Features

The storyline is pretty much the same as in FireRed, however, the graphics and gameplay mechanism are better from that rom. All the characters and flow of the story in Radical Red are the same so you would know what to expect next.

Radical Red screenshots

The gameplay part and newly introduced legendary pokemon make the game pretty interesting since you’ll be tackling different pokemon with swappable abilities all along your journey.


There’s a Randomizer option in the game which shows up when the game starts. When you choose to randomize everything, you’ll not be able to change it unless you make a new playthrough.

Hall of Fame

The difficulty of Radical Red is pretty tough but it’s not impossible, you can register yourself in the Hall of Fame if your trainer skills are good enough. The developers have does a lot of improvements and additions to the abilities, which allows players to swap their pokemon’s abilities and can train them even more. It is expected that Radical Red will have more updates in the future.

Here are some key features to look for:

  • Randomizer feature available at the start of the game.
  • Harder difficulty
  • New Pokemon abilities
  • players can able to swap Pokemon abilities
  • HMs are replaced
  • Colored IV are available on the status menu
  • Available EV Training Areas
  • More Pokemon and Legendaries added
  • GYM can be fought again
  • Pokemon Stats have been changed

Download Link & Cheats

Pokemon Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red is based on FireRed which has created by Yuuiii. You can download the game from Pokecommunity or directly download it from here (click here to download).

Cheat Codes

If you want to catch your favorite pokemon or win a specific battle or get Rare candy to level up your Pokemon, whatever you need the cheats for, you will find pretty much every cheat code in this video:

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats - 100% Working Cheats for Masterball, Rare Candy Etc.

Riolu Trainer
Riolu Trainer
Gotta Catch 'Em All!



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