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All Gigantamax Locations in Pokémon Sword & Shield!

Gigantamax Locations Guide: If you have watched the newest Pokemon Anime Season (Pokemon Journeys) then you must be aware of what is Gigantamax form. For those who don’t have a clue, it is a variation of Dynamax which allows the Pokemon to grow in size. However, it is only available for a couple of Pokemon and can be caught in some areas where Pokemon Dens exist. Gigantamax evolution is already present in some popular GBA ROMs like Pokemon Unbound.

Here we are sharing all the Gigantamax locations in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Although you should keep in mind that Pokemon Dens will not always spawn a Pokemon and may depend on spawn rate and other metrics.

>Watch out for any Gigantamax events where the spawn rates will increase.

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List of Gigantamax Locations

Pokémon G-Max MovesLocation
AlcremieG-Max Finale (Fairy-type)Bridge Field
AppletunG-Max Sweetness (Grass-type)Dappled Grove (Shield Only)
ButterfreeG-Max Beffudle (Bug-type)Rolling Fields (Two Locations)
CentiskorchG-Max Centiferno (Fire-type)Stony Wilderness
CharizardG-Max Wildfire (Fire-type)Lake of Outrage
CoalassalG-Max Volcalith (Rock-type)Giant’s Seat (Sword Only)
CopperajahG-Max Steelsurge (Steel-type)Stony Wilderness
CorviknightG-Max Wind Rage (Flying-type)Giant’s Cap
DrednawG-Max Stonesurge (Water-type)Giant’s Cap
DuraludonG-Max Depletion (Dragon-type)Giant’s Seat
FlappleG-Max Tartness (Grass-type)Dappled Grove (Sword Only)
GarbodorG-Max Malodor (Poison-type)East Lake Axewell
GengarG-Max Terror (Ghost-type)Stony Wilderness (Shield Only)
GrimmsnarlG-Max Snooze (Dark-type)Dusty Bowl
HattereneG-Max Smite (Fairy-type)Bridge Field
KinglerG-Max Foam Burst (Water-type)South Lake Miloch or West Lake Axewell
LaprasG-Max Resonance (Ice-type)Giant’s Seat (Shield Only)
MachampG-Max Chi Strike (Fighting-type)Stony Wilderness (Sword Only)
OrbeetleG-Max Gravitas (Psychic-type)Bridge Field or Dappled Grove
SandacondaG-Max Sandblast (Ground-type)Dusty Bowl (Two Locations)
Credits: Pokemoncoders

List of Gigantamax Pokemon Not Obtainable in Dens

There are also a couple of Pokemon that do have Gigantamax forms but may not be obtainable in Pokemon Dens. Some are available only at Events.

Pokémon ListG-Max MoveHow to Obtain
EeveeG-Max Cuddle (Normal-type)Let’s Go Eevee Reward from the Wild Area Train Station
MeowthG-Max Gold Rush (Normal-type)Can Be Obtained from a Mystery Gift
PikachuG-Max Volt Crash (Electric-type)Let’s Go Pikachu Reward from the Wild Area Train Station
SnorlaxG-Max Replenish (Normal-type)Limited Event Release
ToxtricityG-Max Stun Shock (Electric-type)Limited Event Release

List of All New Gigantamax Locations in Armor of Isle DLC

The Armor of Isle is an expansion of Sword & Shield which has brought up new Gigantamax Forms. Some can still be obtained in some Pokemon Dens, however, some might require to give an item called “Max Soup” to allow them to change their form.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass New Content
Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass New Content (Credits: Pokémon.com)
PokemonG-Max MoveHow to Obtain/Location
BlastoiseG-Max Cannonade (Water-type)Stepping-Stone Sea or Workout Sea
CinderaceG-Max Fireball (Fire-type)Give Max Soup
InteleonG-Max Hydrosnipe (Water-type)Give Max Soup
RillaboomG-Max Drum Solo (Grass-type)Give Max Soup
Urshifu (Rapid Strike Style)G-Max Rapid Flow (Water-type)Give Max Soup with Max Honey
Urshifu (Single Strike Style)G-Max One Blow (Dark-type)Give Max Soup with Max Honey
VenusaurG-Max Vine Lash (Grass-type)Forest of Focus or Training Lowlands


Now, you might have a solid idea of all Pokemon Gigantamax Locations in Sword & Shield. It’s time to start hunting and catch’em all!

Catching all of them may be tricky and the encounter rates are low but it boosts the appetite to catch them. Some forms are limited until Nintendo decides to release them in the future by releasing future DLCs.

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Riolu Trainer
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