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Pokémon Unbound (Complete) Download Link, Cheats, and more

If you are a fan of Pokémon Games, you might have played many popular GBA ROMs like Pokémon Theta Emerald Ex. But if you want to try something new, I recommend you to try this extra special ROM- Pokémon Unbound.

Unbound is a fan-made ROM hack developed by the individual creator, Skeli. This GBA ROM is filled with many interesting features including the New Mission system, Max Raids, and more. With many new pokemon from Gen I to Gen VII and Gen VIII Mechanism.

This PokeROM is set in a fictional region “Borrius” which has a completely different and interesting story from the anime, in which Hoopa (Unbound Form) and the Hoopa (Mascot Form) are the most important part of the story.

Pokemon Unbound Story

The story of Pokemon Unbound is set in the historic Borrius Region. Centuries ago, Borrius Region fought a brutal war against the Kalos region, Borrius’s people summoned a dark entity/force to help them win the war; Unfortunately, they lost the war as the King of Kalos unleashed their ultimate weapon.

After the war ended, the dark force was captured and sealed away never to be used again. But many years later, an evil organization called The Shadows planned to release the dark force once again to rule the world.

Hoopa Unbound Secrets

Now you, as a Pokemon Trainer along with your Pokemon friends have to stop this evil gang and save the Borrius region from the ultimate destruction. You’ll be given a chance to choose your pokemon buddy between the three starters, whatever pokemon you choose will help you in your exciting journey.

Features of Pokemon Unbound’s ROM

Pokémon Unbound Screenshots (image credit: Skeli)
  • A Powerful Engine: Pokemon Unbound contains a custom battle engine on par with Gen 8, as well as many quality of life features that improve the gameplay experience just waiting to be found. Enjoy catching all of your favorite Pokemon, from Gen 1 up to Gen 7, while using all of your favorite moves and abilities from each of these generations!
  • New Mission System: This Pokemon ROM features over 75 interesting missions to complete.
  • Character Customization: Allow character customization from up to 300+ different skin tones, hair colors, and outfit colors!
  • Difficulty Modes: You can change your game difficulty from up to four different difficulty modes ranging from easy to insane!
  • Daily Events: There are plenty of events all over Borrius which can be experienced daily while some can only be found at certain points of the day!
  • Exciting Mini-Games: Plenty of exciting mini-games to play such as Cloud burst, Safari sniper, and more!
  • Challenging Puzzles: Use your BRAIN to solve many of the unique and complex puzzles all over the Borrius.
  • and many more features and Legendary Pokemon waiting to be discovered!

Download Link

Pokemon Unbound, developed by skeli789 is based on the Pokemon FireRed GBA game. It was first released on December 20, 2021, and recently received a new update with many new features, Pokemon, and more!

For all the game’s Update information, join the official Pokemon Unbound Reddit group.

You can download the Unbound’s Latest Version (V2.0.3.1) GBA ROM hack from here (click here to download).

Cheats that may help!

Whether you want Rare candies or the legendary Eternatus, you can use these cheat codes to get all whatever you need:

Rare Candies: (06AB3172 BE88C550) or ( 82003884 0044 )

Apply this cheat code and go to your nearest Pokemart to withdraw an unlimited amount of Rare Candies.

Unlimited Master Balls: (B9A1AACB D6F4419A) or ( 82003884 0001 )

Apply this cheat code and go to the nearest Pokemart to withdraw an unlimited amount of Master Balls.

Unlimited Money:

For Game Shark
29C78059 96542194

For Code Breaker
820257BC 423F
820257BE 000F

>> Input this cheat to get unlimited money within the game.

Note: Make sure to deactivate the cheats if not in use to avoid any glitches.

You can find more cheat codes in this video:

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