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5 Rarest Mobs in Minecraft You’ve Never Seen Before!

Minecraft has various Mobs that can be found roaming around, some of them are passive and do not attack at all however, there are some mobs that are ready to RIP you.

Depending on their rarity, Some mobs are pretty much easy to find whereas others are pretty rare. Some of the mobs are incredibly rare that players can go years without ever seeing one.

In this article, We will showcase the five rarest Mobs found in Minecraft. These Mobs have less than a 1% chance of spawning naturally in the world.

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Rarest Mobs Found in Minecraft

5) Pink Sheep

You might never have seen a Pink Sheep before as 85% of sheep are spawned as white sheep in Minecraft.

Pink Sheep in Minecraft
Pink Sheep (image via Minecraft)

While sheep spawn in pretty much colors but the spawn rate of pink sheep is only 0.1558%, and as for the baby pink sheep, the chances are only 0.0082%.

4) Brown Mooshrooms

When we are talking about Rarest Mobs in Minecraft, there’s no way we can’t include mooshrooms, Many players have seen red mooshrooms but only a few might have heard about the brown mooshrooms.

Brown Mooshrooms in Minecraft
Brown Mooshrooms (image via Minecraft)

Mooshrooms only spawn in the mushroom field which is already one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft, however, mooshrooms only be found in Red.

A brown mooshrooms only spawns when a bolt of lightning strikes a red mooshrooms which is absolutely rare either.

3) Charged Creeper

Similar to Brown Mooshrooms, Charged Creepers are created when a bolt of lightning strikes a non-charged creeper, which makes the Charged Creeper pretty rare, although the spawn rate is unknown.

Charged Creeper in Minecraft
Charged Creeper (image via Expectender)

The normal creeper can be found everywhere destroying however, there’s little to 0 chance of finding a charged creeper. Both the creepers are hostile but the charged one does more destruction than the other.

Do You Know? Creepers were made by mistake coz the developers were actually making a Pig!

2) Skeleton Covered with Diamonds

Skeleton often spawn with leather armor however, only a few players might have encountered a skeleton wearing a full set of Diamond armor.

Minecraft Rare Skeleton "Look at My Screen" (Original Sound)

At high difficulty, mobs spawn with armor pieces such as helmets, chest plates, and so on, but a full set of armor is really very rare. In extremely rare cases, they spawn with diamonds armor. Btw I have never encountered a Skeleton covered with a full set of diamond armor!

1) Jockeys

Jockeys are actually not a mob but a combination of two or more mobs. Due to many possibilities, many players consider Jockeys as one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft.

Baby Zombie covered with diamond armor and riding a Chicken
Baby Zombie covered with diamonds and riding a Chicken (source)

Although, finding a baby zombie riding a chicken is not that hard, however, a baby zombie covered with diamonds and riding a chicken is extremely rare. According to u/GNiko324 on Reddit, there’s only a 0.000000000000000000000000000000001991202975% chance of spawning.

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Finding any of the above-listed mobs is extremely rare, have you ever encountered a rare mob that no one else has seen before? do comment below!

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