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Reasons Why Chrono is still the Best Character in Free Fire

The Nerf that hit the Chrono made the character lose its popularity and many players stopped using it since then as they claim that the Chrono is no longer the Free Fire Meta that was dominated as before.

However, Many Esports players still use Chrono in competitive leagues like Free Fire World Series despite having the nerf, the Chrono has been featured as one of the most used skills used by several esports teams in the Brazillian Free Fire League (LBFF).

Reasons why Chrono is still the Best Character in Free Fire

1. Against Grenades

Chrono ability can save against Hand Grenades
Chrono ability can save against Hand Grenades (image via Free Fire)

After the nerf, players can’t shoot while inside the shield and the buff in movement speed has completely turned it into a defensive weapon that is only reliable for defense.

But Chrono is still the best against Grenades. when engaged in a fight, players activate their shield to protect the whole team from the enemies’ grenades. The Chrono shield can save the player when the enemy suddenly throws a grenade.

2. Sudden attacks from players with Skyler

Chrono nerf has made the Skyler more popular and most players are now using it. Since the Skyler ability “Riptide Rhythm” can instantly destroy up to 5 Gloo Walls at once from which players can’t save themselves from the surprise attack.

Chrono can withstand against Skyler's ability
Chrono can withstand against Skyler’s ability (image via Free Fire)

Chrono’s ability works like a charm to anticipate these sudden attacks. When the Gloo Wall got destroyed by Skyler’s ability, attacks comes from multiple direction, Chrono can work as a temporary cover until the player takes a suitable cover.

3. Best for Surviving against a Team attack

The Chrono skill has a shield duration of 6 seconds and can withstand up to 800 damage, which can save the solo or duo survives from team attacks.


When a player got attacked by a whole team, it can be very tricky to survive from that situation. With the help of Chrono’s ability, player will have enough time to take cover and run away.

It can also be helpful if multiple enemies are firing at the player and one of their teammate is down, the player can activate the Chrono’s shield to revive him and take a permanent cover.

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