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Shinchan Kasukabe Minecraft World Map & Skin Download

Have you ever wanted to explore Shinchan’s Hometown “Kasukabe” in the Minecraft world so here you go! You can play with your friends in this Minecraft world and live the life of a 5 year old kid.

Shinchan Hometown Map is designed specially for Minecraft PE and covers most of the places of the kasukabe city.

Shinchan Kasukabe Minecraft World Map

This is a Minecraft world Map of the Famous Anime Shinchan, Here in this world, you can explore Shinchan’s Hometown “Kasukabe”.

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Places To Explore in Shinchan World & “Kasukabe” City

In this Map you can explore many places, Here you go:

  • Shinchan House: Yes, the same house in which Shinchan’s family lives!
Shinchan house in minecraft
Shinchan house in Minecraft
  • Playground: The playground is also present in this map where you can play and enjoy with your Friends.
Shinchan playground
  • Kindergarten: The School of shinchan where he studies and you can too!
Kasukabe school
Kasukabe preschool
  • Streets: The streets of Kasukabe town.
shinchan in minecraft
kasukabe street
  • Mount Fuji: A Mountain from the Shinchan’s World!
  • Metro Train and there are many more places where you can visit and have fun.

Full Video:

Shinchan kasukabe in minecraft

Information of Shinchan Minecraft World Map

This Map is designed by Ewgross and can be downloaded from Planetminecraft.com. This Kasukabe map is designed for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

This map may look incomplete but it has covered most of the places of Kasukabe city.

Download Kasukabe Map

You can simply download this map from planetminecraft.com or you can also download it from here.

Shinchan Minecraft Skin to use with this Map

Shinchan Minecraft Skin
Shinchan Minecraft Skin

To enjoy fully this map, you should also download Shinchan’s Skin and use it while playing on this map. This way you may experience the life of a 5-year-old kid.

Shinchan Minecraft Skin can be Downloaded from here.

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