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Minecraft introduces New Swift Sneak Enchantment in The Wild Update

The wait for the biggest Minecraft Update is now finally over as Mojang has released a massive experimental snapshot featuring the Deep Dark Caves, Warden, and more.

While the Bedrock players have already enjoyed the experimental features of the 1.19 update for quite a while, however, Java players have no way to try the wild update.

Just like the Caves & Cliff update part-2, the experimental snapshots of the Wild Update have also been made available and players can try out many new features and updates.

Though the snapshot does not have all the features planned for 1.19, however, it does include Deep Dark Caves, Ancient City biome, Warden, sculk blocks, darkness effect, and the swift sneak enchantment.

Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot 1 - Its All Here!

What is Swift Sneak Enchantment in Minecraft 1.19 update?

Swift Sneak is a boot enchantment that will allow the player to walk faster while crouching. This is an exclusive enchantment that can only be found in Ancient Cities, giant creepy structures of the deep dark caves.

In the experimental snapshot, players can obtain the Swift Sneak enchantment either by looting the chests in the Ancient City or by using the creative menu. Although, there’s no information on whether it can be acquired from librarian villagers or not. While seeing its rarity, we can expect it to be a treasure thus there’s no way of farming it.

What does Swift Sneak do?

Basically, the player wearing the Swift Sneak boots has their movement speed increased while crouching, which helps the player to easily sneak past the blind beast “Warden” without letting it hear footsteps.

Swift Sneak can be a life savior against a Warden
Swift Sneak can be a life savior against a Warden!

Although, there’s no other use of this enchantment except for dealing with the warden. The most important thing about Swift Sneak is that it is incompatible with soul speed, frost walker, and Depth strider.

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