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Tokyo Ghoul Fillers List and Watch Order!

Hey there, anime fans! If you’ve been captivated by the dark and thrilling storyline of the Tokyo Ghoul manga series, then you’re in for a treat with its anime adaptation. We know that many of you are curious about filler episodes and their place in the series. Well, worry not! In this article, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive Tokyo Ghoul fillers list and a guide to the chronological order of the series.

The Tokyo Ghoul Anime Series

Tokyo Ghoul, the gripping manga series that has been published in the Japanese Young Jump magazine since September 2011, was brought to life by Studio Pierrot in the anime adaptation. The first season premiered on July 5, 2014, on the Tokyo MX network, consisting of 12 episodes. The second season, titled “Tokyo Ghoul √A,” followed with 12 episodes, presenting an alternative storyline rather than a direct adaptation of the manga.

In April 2018, the third season, Tokyo Ghoul: Re, was released. It consisted of 24 episodes split into two parts of 12 episodes each and closely followed the original story of the Tokyo Ghoul manga. This incredible series has gained immense popularity worldwide, with licenses acquired by Selecta Vision in Spain, Funimation in the US, Madman Entertainment in Australia, and Anime Limited in the UK.

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Understanding Fillers in Tokyo Ghoul

Now, let’s talk about those infamous filler episodes. In many anime series, fillers are used to give the manga creators time to produce new content. These episodes don’t necessarily contribute to the main plot but provide additional material to keep the anime going. However, Tokyo Ghoul takes a different approach. Rather than adding unrelated content, the creators chose to condense the story into a limited number of episodes. This decision ensures that the anime maintains a cohesive narrative and preserves the intense and mature themes found in the original manga.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode Guide and Chronological Order

For all you dedicated fans looking to relive specific moments or dive deeper into the characters’ stories, we’ve prepared a Tokyo Ghoul episode guide organized by season. We’ve also included the opening and closing scenes of each episode. It’s worth noting that this guide includes both canon and non-canon episodes.

Tokyo Ghoul - Opening | Unravel

Season 1: Tokyo Ghoul

– Opening: Unravel (Episodes 1-12)

– Ending: Seijatachi (Episodes 1-12)

Here’s a quick overview of the first season:

  1. “Tragedy” – Nishiki vs. Touka
  2. “Incubation” – Kaneki vs. Nishiki
  3. “Dove”
  4. “Supper”
  5. “Scars” – Touka vs. Tsukiyama, Nishiki’s Past
  6. “Cloudburst” – Touka vs. Tsukiyama, Jason vs. Mado, Ryouko vs. Mado
  7. “Captivity” – Ryouko vs. Mado, Touka vs. Mado
  8. “Circular” – Touka vs. Mado, Kaneki vs. Ammon
  9. “Birdcage”
  10. “Aogiri”

Please note that certain parts of the story were omitted in the anime adaptation. For a more complete understanding, we recommend reading Chapters 54 to 61 of the Tokyo Ghoul manga.

  • 11. “High Spirits”
  • 12. “Ghoul” – Jason vs. Kaneki

Season 2: Tokyo Ghoul √A

– Opening: Incompetence (Episodes 1–12)

– Ending: Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku (Episodes 1–12)

Now, let’s dive into the second season:

  • 1. “Ayato vs. Touka, Shinohara & Kuroiwa vs. Owl with one eye, Kaneki vs. Ayato” – New Surge (Filler)
  • 2. “Dancing Flowers” (Filler)
  • 3. “Hangman” (Filler)
  • 4. “Deeper Layers” – Amon’s past, Kaneki vs. Shachi, Ayato vs. Shinohara (Filler)
  • 5. “Rift” – Kurona & Nashiro vs. Rei, Ayato vs. Shinohara, Kaneki vs. Shinohara & Amon (Filler)
  • 6. “Thousand Paths” – Past of Rei (Filler)
  • 7. “Permeation” (Filler)
  • 8. “Old Nines” – History of the Owl with one eye (Filler)
  • 9. “City In Waiting” (Filler)
  • 10. “Last Rain” – Koma vs. Tanakamaru, Hachikawa vs. Irimi, Rei vs. One-eyed owl (Filler)
  • 11. “Deluge of Flowers” – Rei vs. Owl with one eye 2, Kaneki vs. Ammon (Filler)
  • 12. “Ken” (Filler)

To fully understand the events leading up to the next season, we recommend reading Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 136 (post-fight between Amon and Kaneki) and skimming through Chapter 137 (page 16), Chapters 138-140 (Battle between Arima vs. Kaneki).

Tokyo Ghoul OVAs

Before we move on to Tokyo Ghoul: re, there are a couple of OVAs you should watch:

  1. Tokyo Ghoul “Pinto”
  2. Tokyo Ghoul “Jack”

These OVAs serve as a bridge between Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: re.

Season 3: Tokyo Ghoul: re (Part 1)

Tokyo Ghoul:re | Official trailer [English Sub]

– Opening: Asphyxia (Episodes 1–12)

– Ending: Half (Episodes 1–12)

Let’s kick off the third season:

  • 1. “START: Those Who Hunt” – Sasaki vs. Nishiki
  • 2. “member: Fragments” – Sasaki vs. Nishiki
  • 3. “fresh: Eve”
  • 4. “MAIN: Auction” – Juuzo vs. Ayato, Naki vs. Akira
  • 5. “Press: Night of Scattering” – Naki vs. Akira, Urie vs. Big Madame, Sasaki vs. Takizawa
  • 06. “turn: In the End” * Sasaki vs. Takizawa , Saiko & Shirazu vs. Mayu (Nutcracker), Urie vs. Big Madame, Juuzo vs. Big madame
  • 07. “mind: Days of Recollections”
  • 08. “Take: One Who Writhes”
  • 09. “play: Ghost”
  • 10. “think: Sway”
  • 11. “writE: The Absent One” * Sasaki vs. Tsukiyama & Kanae, Shirazu, Urie & Saiko vs. Noro
  • 12. “Beautiful Dream: Dawn” * Sasaki vs. One-eyed Owl, Shirazu, Urie & Saiko vs. Noro

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Season 3: Tokyo Ghoul: re (Part 2)

– Opening:  Katharsis (Episodes 1–12)

– Ending: Rakuen no Kimi (Episodes 1–12)

  • 01. “Place: And So, Once Again” * Past of Eto Yoshimura, past of Rize * Arima vs. Shachi
  • 02. “VOLT: White Darkness” * Past of Yomo * Yomo, Ayato & Touka vs Arima * Kaneki vs Arima
  • 03. “union: Cross Game” * Hachikawa vs. Takizawa, Kurona vs. Juuzo, Takizawa vs. Tatara
  • 04. “vive: Those Left Behind” * Nishiki & Kurena vs. Rome & Shikorae
  • 05. “MovE: Confluence, Confusion”
  • 06. “FACE: Effulgence” * Juuzo vs. No Face, Urie vs. Donato
  • 07. “proof: Bonds” * Tooru vs. Kaneki
  • 08. “incarnation: Awakened Child” * Urie vs. Rome, Tooru vs. Touka, Kaneki vs. Juuzo
  • 09. “Morse: Remembrances” * Urie & Saiko vs. Tooru
  • 10. “call: The Far Side of Tragedy”
  • 11. “ACT: Encounters” * Amon vs. Donato, Yomo vs. Uta
  • 12. “The Final Episode” * Kaneki vs. Furuta

Please note that this article only covers the Tokyo Ghoul anime series and its chronological order. To delve deeper into the story and experience the complete narrative, we highly recommend reading the Tokyo Ghoul manga.

With this Tokyo Ghoul fillers list and chronological order guide, you can now embark on an immersive journey into the dark and thrilling world of ghouls. Enjoy the series to its fullest and unravel the mysteries of Tokyo Ghoul!

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