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Top 5 Mythbusters in Among Us: Among Us Myths

Among Us Myths: With the increase in popularity of the Among Us Game, there’s no surprise to see some weird Myths about Among Us.

Many people play this party game and give their own theory and some unique Myths. So Here in this article, We’ll See Top 5 Among Us Myths to see if they really work or not.


Top 5 Mythbusters in Among Us: Among Us Myths

#1 The Camera Light

Among Us mythbusters
Among Us Myths

“If you watch the cams by quickly turning it on or off, the camera light won’t blink. This may be useful to catch an impostor”.

When we try to watch cams in the security rooms by quickly turning them on or off, the camera light doesn’t blink at all. Hence the Myth is confirmed.

#2 Floating Garbage

Among Us Myths

“When you do the empty garbage task all the thrown garbage keeps floating in the space throughout the game”.

To check this myth to be working or not first we need to become a ghost and ask our friend to throw the garbage, But when we tried to check the garbage, It disappeared in the Space.

Hence the Myth is Busted.

#3 Crewmate can’t report in between the Door

Among us mythbusters
among us myths

“If an impostor kills someone in between the door and closes the door. The Crewmate standing opposite to it won’t be able to report the body”.

When an impostor kills someone who is standing in between the door and closes the door, the crewmate won’t be able to report the body until the door opens.

Hence the Myth is Confirmed.

#4 You can see everything in the rooms

Among Us myths
Among us myths

“Go to Screen resolution and reduce it, Now bring it back to normal. You can see everything in the adjacent room with full lights”.

Check Myths
Myth Confirmed!

To try this, first, we need to reduce the resolution to the minimum and then back to normal. When we tried it, we were able to see everything in the nearby rooms but for a second only.

Hence the myth is Confirmed.

#5 Scanning in the Medbay

Among Us Myths
Among Us Myths

“while scanning the medbay, the player’s head will always face towards the right. Its helpful to find an impostor when the visual tasks are off”.

Myth Busted
Myth Busted!

This doesn’t work at all. The player’s head can face on the right or left.

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Although Myths are misleading but revealing the truth of the myths is fun.

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