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Top 5 Best Gloo Wall Skins in Free Fire (Rarest)

Do you know there are more than 100 Gloo Wall skins available in Garena Free Fire?

There are many Gloo wall skins we get to see in the game and some of the Gloo Wall Skins are rarest and only a few players have them. So this article will list out the Top 5 Best Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire of all time.

Top 5 Best & Rarest Gloo Wall Skins in Free Fire

> Gloo Ramp

Best gloo wall skin
Gloo Ramp Halloween Themed Gloo Wall Skin

Gloo Ramp is the tiniest or smallest Gloo Wall Skin and it is also the rarest Gloo wall skin. This skin was used by many YouTubers in their funny Videos. This Gloo wall skin is different from any other skin because of its small surface area.

Players cannot use this skin in Tournaments or Custom rooms as it does not work as a good cover. Players can climb on it or use it as a ladder. This Halloween theme Gloo wall skin was available in the Luck Royale spin event. Only a few players have this skin that’s why Gloo Ramp comes on the Number 1 position of Rarest Gloo Wall skins.

> Bunker Gloo Wall

best gloo wall in free fire
Bunker Gloo Wall Skin

Bunker Gloo Wall Skin is quite different from other skins, this skin resembles a shield and has an opening right in the middle. The design is also straight instead of curved. That’s why Bunker Skin comes on the Number 2 position in Best Gloo Wall list.

This Gloo wall skin was given as a Pre-Order reward of the Elite Pass Season 9 in Garena Free Fire.

> Blood Hockey Grenade

Rarest Gloo Wall SKin
Blood Hockey Gloo Wall Skin

Blood Hockey Grenade was given as a pre-order reward for an Elite Pass. Only a few Free Fire players have that skin right now. This Gloo wall is 3rd best and the rarest skin as it never returned again in an event in Garena Free Fire.

> Plan Bermuda

Top 5 Best Gloo Wall Skins in Free Fire (Rarest)
Plan Bermuda Gloo Wall Skin

This Gloo Wall skin came in Free Fire a year ago in the Free Fire x Money Heist Collaboration, this skin was available in the Luck Royale Spin event, only a few people got this skin while other got tokens.

This Money Heist collab “Plan Bermuda” gloo wall skin is 4th best skin on this list.

> Ancient Order

Top 5 Best Gloo Wall Skins in Free Fire (Rarest)
Ancient Order Gloo Wall Skin

This Skin was available in Pre-order of Season 24 elite pass in Garena Free Fire. This skin is only available to a few players. The Ancient Order Gloo Wall Skin is ninja-themed that features the silhouette of a warrior. This Gloo Wall is the 5th best Gloo wall skin in this Best Gloo Wall list.


These are the top 5 best Gloo Wall Skins in Free Fire. If you liked it, then let us know!

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