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Top 5 Horror Games for Android that will not LET YOU SLEEP!

Top 5 Horror Games for Android 2021

Do you like Horror Movies or Games or just want some jumpscares on their way to work or school so here you go! This article is fully dedicated to all the horror lovers out there. Here is my favorite list of Top 5 Horror Games For Android that will Literally not LET YOU SLEEP!


List of Top 5 Horror Games For Android

5 best horror games
Top 5 Horror Games for Android (3D Graphics)

These Horror Games are my favorite, Ranking from Least to The Most Scary!

5. Mental Hospital 5

Top 5 Horror Games for android
Horror Games for Android: Mental Hospital 5

This Game story starts with a Little investigation made by journalist Mark within the Hospital. Strangely, He was disappeared and all of his group members were found dead. Mark’s Brother starts to search for him and look for the reality and to know what really happened in the Hospital. Your task is to find the Exit and to go out alive!


4. Forgotten Memories

Best Horror Games for Android
Forgotten Memories

This Game story starts with the Main role of Rose Hawkins who is an independent Woman, She lost her daughter when she was sleeping and starts to find her. When she woke up, She found herself in an unknown place where there is no way to go out. Can she ever able to find her daughter and make their way out of that Unknown Place?


3. Midnight Awake

Midnight Awake Horror game
Midnight Awake Horror game

This game is a horror adventure game, This game starts with a boy who wakes up at midnight and encounters some strange events, His dad is missing and he receives a strange phone call. Let’s find out what happened to him and his family!


2. Lost Within

Lost Within Horror Game Download
Horror Game: Lost Within

This game is a mixup of action and detective elements, The game starts with a world ruled by Doctor Primrose who experiments with drugs on people and transforms them into creepy humans. You will begin with the dangerous journey as a Cop breaking into the doctor’s palace and uncovering the hidden truth behind it!


1. The School White Days

The School White Days Game Download
Horror Game: The School White Days

The Game shows the story of a girl Hui-Min, The Protagonist who found herself locked in the school with other students at late night. In this game, you’ll find some ghosts with mysterious pasts and encounters dangers and horrors and the only way out is Solving Mysteries and Puzzles! Do you think you can escape from the Haunted School?



These games are my favorite horror games for android, because of their amazing storyline and their Graphics. This list contains both Paid and Free games. So Which one is your Favorite? Comment Down!

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