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Top 5 Mobs with Highest HP in Minecraft

As Minecraft has many mobs which aren’t hard to defeat and has a very low HP in general, however, there are still some mobs that are hard as a rock (not the one you are thinking of) and require some actual work to defeat.

These mobs are actually the hardest ones to defeat since they have high damage and health points. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 mobs with the highest HP in Minecraft.

Top 5 Minecraft Mobs with Highest HP


Wither is undoubtedly the hardest mob with a whooping 150 Hearts for Java Edition while 300 Hearts for the Bedrock Edition, higher than the Ender Dragon itself.

Players can summon the mightiest boss by building a T-block with Soul sand and placing three wither skeleton skulls on top of it. Make sure you are prepared before summoning a wither as it will destroy everything in the area with a huge explosion.

Dealing a Wither is a serious business
Dealing a Wither is a serious business!

Wither’s main attack is wither skulls which not only damages but also inflict the Withering status effect causing the player to faint out. Wither is immune to environmental effects, heals itself over time, and also gains 5 Hearts every time it kills a mob.


Warden, added in Minecraft as a part of Caves & Cliff, is the highest HP mob to date. It has a whopping 250 Hearts (500HP) on top of dealing the highest damage among all the mobs in the game.

At hard difficulty, A single hit from Warden is enough to deal 22.5 hearts damage which is already enough to defeat the player (Player max Hearts 20).

Swift Sneak can be a life savior against a Warden
Swift Sneak can be a life savior against a Warden!

Unlike the other Boss enemies, multiple wardens can spawn and attack the player, which increases the difficulty even higher. Thanks to the fact he can’t see and only responds to sound so that players can outrun it if they have a Swift Sneak Enchantment on their boots.

Ender Dragon

How can the list ends without the mightiest Ender Dragon, Ender Dragon is the final boss in Minecraft which has a visible Health bar with 100 Hearts (200HP) of health. It may not have high HP like Warden or Wither, but due to its ability to heal itself until or unless the player destroys the Obelisks.

Ender Dragon is the almighty one!
Ender Dragon is the almighty one!

The main attack of the Ender Dragon is high damage fireballs that linger on the ground, dealing damage to players who step on it. Players, who have already defeated Ender Dragon once can test their ability by regenerating the Ender Dragon again!

Iron Golem

Iron Golem, a large neutral mob whose only work is to defend villagers from Zombies attack. It is one of the few mobs that can either be spawned naturally or built in the game.

Iron Golem drop 2-5 ingots when killed
This Red Eyed creature does some serious damage to players if triggered!

With their high HP (100) and damage, Iron Golem is no doubt, one of the strongest and also a very helpful mob, however, most players use to kill it to obtain Iron Ingots which it drops when killed. It’s much better to build an Iron Farm than to take a 1vs1 fight with Golem.

They attack all hostile mobs (except Creeper). Unlike any other pet, when Iron Golem kills a mob, the player can obtain the dropped item by the mob but not the experience orbs.

Elder Guardian

An Elder Guardian is a strong and large variation of the guardian, which can be found in the Ocean Monument. It is basically the largest ocean creature in size as well as in Health (80HP).

Elder Guardian is pretty right?
Elder Guardian is pretty, right?

Although they don’t give much damage, they have three methods of attacking such as firing its laser, inflicting Mining fatigue so that player can’t destroy any block, and a defensive thorn-like attack.

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