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Top 5 Rarest Enchantments in Minecraft & How To Get Them

In Minecraft, Enchantments are the only way to enchant items with a special ability and each enchantment is different and has its unique ability.

Most of the enchantments can be acquired by an enchanting table however, there are still some that can only be obtained from the librarians and loot chests (treasure).

Top 5 Rarest Enchantments Players Must Have in Minecraft

In this article, we are going to check out the Top 5 Rarest Enchantments and will also share how you can get them in the latest Minecraft 1.18 version.

Frost Walker

Frost Walker is an Enchantment that allows the player to walk over water as it freezes the water and turns it into ice blocks. That causes the player to be immune to heated blocks such as Magma blocks and campfires.

Diamond boots enchanted with float walker
Boots enchanted with Frost Walker

This enchantment even works when you are riding a horse but, you will need to enchant the horse armor with Frost Walker. However, it doesn’t protect from lava so don’t even try to jump on lava while wearing these enchanted boots as you will die and lose all your loot.

This enchantment is rare to find and the easiest way to get it is by breeding Villagers and turning them into Librarians using lecturns.


Mending is the only enchantment in Minecraft that restores the durability of an item using experience points. It is the most sought after enchantment as Mending restores the durability of any item and players mostly use it for Elytra.

Netherite Pickaxe enchanted with Mending
Netherite Pickaxe enchanted with Mending

Mending is precious and not easily findable, however, players can obtain it from Chest loot, raids, or trading with a librarian.

Curse of Vanishing

The curse of vanishing is considered as a “Bad Enchantment” that prevents the item from dropping upon death. The enchanted item cannot be claimed again and will be removed from the world. Players can prevent it by placing the item into a chest or dropping it manually.

Iron Boots enchanted with Curse of Vanishing
Iron Boots enchanted with Curse of Vanishing

Overall, this enchantment is good for those players who play PVP, as your enemies will not be able to loot your items. Curse of Vanishing enchantment is a bit rare and can be obtained in the same way as the other ones.

Curse of Binding

Diamond boots enchanted with curse of binding
Diamond boots enchanted with Curse of Binding

It is also a “Bad Enchantment” that stops the player from removing an equipped item unless you die. Many Players only use this for pranking, giving a low-level armor to other players. However, there is no other use and not as useful as Curse of Vanishing.

Soul Speed

Soul speed is a rare enchantment that increases the player’s movement speed while walking on Soul Sand. This enchantment can only be obtained by bartering with Piglins or killing the piglins who are wearing enchanted boots.

Soul speed enchanted boots minecraft
Soul Speed Enchanted Boots

This enchantment is useful if you want to zip through soul sand valley easily.

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