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Top 5 Sniper Players in Free Fire

Sniper Players in Free Fire~

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game with a wide variety of weapons it has. Among them, Snipers are the most dangerous weapons with high damage than any other gun. Players practice mastering the snipers for both Gameplay and Esports. Sniper Players are the most useful weapons for an esports team. So here we’ll take a look at the Top 5 Sniper Players in Free Fire from all over the world.

Top 5 Sniper Players in Free Fire

The List Of Top 5 Sniper players is entirely based on the writer’s opinion and fans might prefer one over the other.

>> B2K (Born To Kill)

B2K (Born 2 Kill)
B2K (Image via youtube)

B2K is a famous Free Fire content creator and Youtuber with over 8.3 Million Subscribers, he is from Tunisia. B2k is famous for his amazing squad wiping skills with Snipers. He is a PC player that’s why he can’t compete for Esports Tournaments. But still, B2K is one of the best Sniper players in Free Fire.

Check out B2K Channel

>> Lorem Free Fire

Lorem Free Fire
Lorem Free Fire

Lorem is another Free Fire content creator with over a Million subscribers on youtube. He is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lorem is famous for his amazing Sniper skills in mobile. He doesn’t play tournaments but if he plays then he may get the victory for sure!

Check out Lorem Channel

>> Pahadi Gaming

Pahadi gaming
Pahadi gaming (Image via Youtube)

Lokesh Karakoti aka Pahadi Gaming is a famous Free Fire Content creator and esports player from India. He is famous for his amazing sniping skills whether it is solo vs squad or an esports tournament, He can wipe the whole squad like butter. Recently, Pahadi Gaming Team (Team Elite) won the FFIC Title 2021.

Check out Pahadi Gaming Channel

>> TG-MafiaBala

Tg Mafiabala
Tg Mafiabala (image via youtube)

TG Mafia Bala is a famous Indian esports player from total gaming esports. His Overpowered sniping skills can change the scenario from losing to winning. He has played many tournaments and recently got 3rd position in FFIC 2021 and will appear in Free Fire Asia Series.

Check out TG Mafia Bala Channel

>> PHXF Joena

PHXF Jona best sniper players in free fire
PHXF Jona (image via yt)

Joena is one of the best sniper players in Free Fire and he is a famous Esports player from Thailand. He plays for the PHXF team (Phoenix Force) and in his 15 years of age, because of his Amazing sniping skills, he got to the Top 5 Sniper players list.

In Free Fire World Championship 2021, His team Phoenix Force won the title and become the champions and Joena become the MVP of the series.

Check out Joena FF Channel



This is the list of the top 5 sniper players in Free Fire and this list contains both Esports players and Youtubers. So who is your favorite sniper player? Let Everyone Know!

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