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Turtle Shell in Minecraft: How to Get, Uses and More!

Minecraft Turtle is a passive and the sweetest mob we all have encountered near a beach biome.

You might have tried to get turtle shells by killing them unfortunately if you don’t know, Turtle doesn’t drop a shell when killed. Instead, there are other simple ways to get it without even needing to touch these sweet mobs.

Wanna know How to get/make turtle shells in Minecraft and what are their uses, do read this article till the end!

Minecraft Turtle Shell

Turtle Shell works as a Helmet
Turtle Shell works as a Helmet (image via Minecraft)

You might have crafted a Helmet to protect yourself from Mobs attack, right?

But did it work? if I tell you about a unique helmet that can not only be good for defense but will also be helpful underwater. these turtle shells can be used as a helmet which will provide 2 Armor points for defense and also gives a water breathing effect for up to 10 seconds.

Turtle shells can also be used as an ingredient to brew a Potion of Turtle Master. This unique potion gives players multiple effects at a time i.e. Resistance III and Slowness IV, it makes the player invulnerable but with a drawback of extreme slowness.

How to get a Turtle Shell?

To craft a Turtle Shell, You will need to gather some Scute first which is actually not an easy task. Scute only drops when a baby turtle grows up to an adult turtle, this is the only possible way to get them.

turtle shell recipe minecraft
Turtle Shell Recipe (image source: Minecraft Forum)

You need to obtain 5 Scute and Place them in the Upsidedown U-shaped manner (check the image above) to make a Turtle shell in Minecraft.

If you need a lot of scutes then I think you should make a Turtle Farm, check out the video below to learn how!

SUPER SIMPLE Turtle Farm for Minecraft (Turtle Scute / Turtle Eggs)

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Uses of Turtle Shells in Minecraft

Potion of Turtle Master
Potion of Turtle Master (image via Youtube)
  • Turtle shell can be used as a Helmet slot which provides 2 armor points which is exactly as powerful as a Iron Helmet.
  • Turtle Shells have better durability than Iron and chain Helmet.
  • Turtle Shell also gives players a buff of water Breathing status effect for around 10 Seconds. From which players can dive underwater for extra 10 seconds.
  • Turtle shells can also be used in brewing potion of Turtle Master in the brewing stand. Which gives Resistant III and Slowness IV at a time.

Enchantments that can be applied to Turtle Shell

Minecraft Turtle Shell
Minecraft Turtle Shell (image source Twitter)

Here are the following enchantments you can apply on the Turtle shell if you need to increase their power:

  • Blast Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Projectile Protection
  • Protection
  • Aqua Affinity
  • Respiration
  • Unbreaking
  • Thorns
  • Curse of Binding
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Mending

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