SypherPK Reveals his "Fortnite" ICON Skin ahead of Season 4 Launch

Fortnite is back again with another ICON Skin based on a popular Fortnite Content Creator: SypherPK

SypherPK recently showed off his new ICON Skin on livestream, which has a few different variants of it.

As ever, the ICON skins for creators mostly looks like them in real life but with super hero powers and looks.

SypherPK was emotional while revealing his own skin for the first time  infront of 140,000 viewers.

SypherPK will be on sale from 22nd September next week.

We have had a number of creators get ICON skins in the past, Ninja, LoserFruit, TheGrefg, Bugha, Lachlan and Lazerbeam.

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