Epic to not support Fortnite on Steam Deck

By Abhay February 10, 2022

According to Tim Sweeney, Epic won’t support Fortnite on Steam Deck due to anti-cheat problems.

Supporting Steam Deck hardware is a separate issue, but the market for non-Steam-hosted games on limited availability is a new issue according to several experts.

It may not be worth Epic’s while to put in the work on security for what will be a comparatively tiny audience, at least at first. “Epic would be happy to put Fortnite on Steam. We wouldn’t be happy to give Steam 20-30% of its revenue for the privilege.

Sweeney hailed the Steam Deck as an “amazing move by Valve” when it was first announced, calling it “an open platform where users are free to install software [of] their choosing — including Windows and other stores.”

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