Season 1 to 10 Elite pass in Free Fire

By Himanshu Jain

Season 1: Kitsune (June 2018)


Kitsune was the first elite pass of Garena Free Fire. At That time, Free Fire was not much popular so only a few players had purchased the elite pass.

Season 2: Hip Hop (July 2018)


Hip Hop was the second elite pass of Free Fire introduced in July 2018, similar to "Kitsune", only a few people had it so it is also a rare bundle of Garena Free Fire.

Season 3: Doomsday Madness


This was the 3rd elite pass which was based on a Mad Max style theme. it is also the first ever pass with Surfboard skin.

Season 4: Royal Revelry


The fourth elite pass of Garena Free Fire was a Royal themed with an outfit of King and Queen.

Season 5: Pirates Legend


The 5th elite pass was based on a Pirate theme. The theme was inspired by "Pirates of the Carribean" Movie. It is also the favorite bundle of Total Gaming aka Ajjubhai.

Season 6: Arcade Mayhem (Nov 2018)


This is the 6th elite pass season which was based on the Arcade Gaming Machine theme with 8-bit style skins. This is the season when the pre order system was launched in the game.

Season 7: Steampunk Revolution (Dec 2018)


This is the first elite pass with an actual story behind it. This pass was based on the Steampunk theme which is a popular theme smong the gamers.

Season 8: Impulsive Shock (January 2019)


This is the first elite pass with a special animated trailer, This elite pass was also based on the cyberpunk theme.

Season 9: Bomb Squad (Feb 2019)


Bomb squad is based on the Military Theme and this is the season when the Bomb Squad Mode was introduced in Free Fire.

Season 10: Anubis Legends (March 2019)


The Season 10 elite pass was based on the beauty and the mystery of ancient Egypt. 

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