Herobrine: A Glitch or a Curse

By Himanshu Jain

Herobrine is always a Hot topic among the Minecraft Community.

Herobrine is a rumoured mob to be appear same as Steve in the Minecraft World.

However, Minecraft developers never confirmed his existence in the game.

While Herobrine never existed in Vanilla Minecraft, his story is still alive after 10 years.

The Creepy legend first captured in a Player's unclear screenshot. In which he reported to seen a figure with white glowing eyes.

At first, it was ignored by the community but later  many Minecraft players started reporting corruptions in their single player world.

After that, some Minecraft players started saying that Herobrine is the dead brother of Notch (Creator of Minecraft).

However, Notch denied having any brother alive or dead, but many players still believes that Herobrine is Notch's dead brother who returned to haunt Minecraft.

Mojang often confirmed that they had never added any entity called Herobrine and neither planned for future. But...

Herobrine become so massively popular that even Mojang jumped in and started adding "Removed Herobrine" in every update changelogs of the game.

But for the first time in Minecraft 1.16 update also the 10th anniversary of Herobrine, Mojang had not added "Removed Herobrine" in their change logs.

That's why Minecraft community still believes about the existence of Herobrine!

What's your thought on this? Do you think Herobrine really exist in the game?