KGF Movie Games to Play this Year

By Himanshu Jain

K.G.F Official Game

KGF Game an official Casual game of the popular actor Rocking Star Yash. There are more than 50 unique levels to try. 

Game Plot: Rocky has trapped by villains in K.G.F with revolving trolleys on tracks, and you must help Rocky to come out this. ! Rocky started capturing local gangs and his aim to be king of K.G.F!

 Almost while reaching his goal he trapped in this goldmines underground. Quickly act and jump to the next track and avoid trolleys those are circulating on different tricky patterns set up by the villains

KGF The Unofficial Game

KGF Chapter One is an Unofficial game developed by Brigette Entertainments with the same movie Story. The game is full of action and thrill.

This Game is based on the first few scenes from the movie. You'll Play as Rocking Star Yash and fight the underworld criminals.

Both the games are available for Free on Google Play Store, So Enjoy!


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