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Candy Crush Highest Level [2023] Is there an end?

Candy Crush is the Most Popular game which is played by almost all Facebook users. There are millions of players who play Candy Crush every day but still, only a few people reached the Candy Crush Highest Level in 2023. There are many people who are curious to know about the Candy Crush Final Level or to reach the last level. So that’s why in this article, we will see the highest level of Candy Crush players have cleared so far!

Candy Crush Highest Level

All About Candy Crush Saga

The original version of Candy Crush Saga is actually a Browser game, which was mainly made for Facebook Users. Here we are not talking about the web version of Candy Crush Saga Highest Level instead we are referring to the Mobile Version Candy Crush Saga Highest level or you can say the last level that most of the people search for!

Candy Crush Saga is developed by King in 2012 which was mainly focused on Facebook Users at that time. It is available for free and can be played on Android, IOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 10. Candy Crush Saga is still the most played mobile game ever in history with more than 2.7 Billion+ Downloads in both Play Store and App Store.

The Developers of Candy Crush constantly adds new levels, So that’s why it is hard to reach the end. At the time of writing this article, Candy Crush has 10739 levels. There are millions of players who play this game every day but still, no one reached the End yet.

What is Candy Crush Highest Level?

The Candy Crush Saga Developers introduces new Levels every week in the game. So it is hard for anyone to reach the Candy Crush Final Level. At the time of writing this article, the highest level in the Candy Crush saga is 10739 levels. Yes, they have crossed the 10k line already and constantly been adding new levels every week.

A Youtuber named Johnny Crush is currently at the highest level, he has uploaded a video recently in which he has crossed 10739 levels without even using boosters, You can also check out his gameplay!

Johnny Crush has crossed 10739 level

A Youtuber named Candy Crush lover is currently playing at level 10502. Take a look at his gameplay!

Candy Crush Highest Level 10502

Not many people are dedicated and patient enough to play 10000 levels in Candy Crush Saga but there are only a few people like Candy Crush lover and Johnny Crush who are consistently been playing Candy Crush and have even played the highest level of candy crush game.

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Is level 10739 Candy Crush Highest Level?

Candy Crush Highest Level 2022

Well, the developers of Candy Crush are working hard to introduce new levels every week. The developers first test the new features or levels in the candy crush browser game then they add them in the Mobile version later.

In 2016, Many people claimed that the game may be ended at the 1999 level but later King released the 2000th level to celebrate its 1 Trillion saga games played.

After that time, The developers keep introducing new levels on a regular basis to retain players. In 2018, there were only 2080 levels but the numbers increased when the Covid Pandemic hit the world and people are home quarantined. In the pandemic time, it became one of the most played games. Recently, Candy Crush Saga has become the 10th most downloaded mobile game of October 2021 according to the report of data analyst site Sensor Tower.

Till now, Candy Crush Saga has 10600+ levels but we can call it endless, as the developers keep introducing new levels.

Candy Crush Saga: FAQs

Q. Who has the highest level in Candy Crush?

At the time of writing this post (November 18, 2021), A Youtuber named Johny Crush is currently at the candy crush highest level 2021. He has recently crossed the level 10739 without using any booster.

Q. Is there an end to candy crush levels?

If i say it in one word, NO, because the developers of Candy Crush has introducing new levels every week so it is very hard to say when will it end.

Q. How many levels does Candy Crush currently have?

There are currently 10739 levels in the candy crush at this time.

Q. Who developed Candy Crush?

Riccardo Zacconi is an Italian Businessman and the CEO of King, he founded the Company in 2003 and King is the developers of the popular strategy game Candy Crush Saga.

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