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Who is Evileye in Overlord?

There are a vast amount of characters in Overlord. Although, the only character that looks mysterious to many people in the anime is EVILEYE.

The reason why this character fascinates is because of her old history with the Thirteen Heroes. Although, not much is known about them, except the fact that two of the thirteen heroes were part of the fifth wave of Yggdrasil players who were transported to the new world.

She was formerly known as the Vampire Princess or Lord “Landfall” and could easily annihilate an entire city.

She is now working as an Adamantite-ranked adventurer as a magic caster in Blue Roses.

Let’s discuss the Background and further details about Evil Eye.


Players from Yggdrasil
Players from Yggdrasil

Evileye has the figure of a twelve-year-old girl, despite being centuries old. She was originally a Rainbow Eye before becoming undead.

She possesses the ability to copy any spell. Once when she inadvertently copied Elder Coffin Dragon Lord’s spell, it turned him into a vampire and also turned herself into a vampire too.

The web novel stated that the vampire lord “Landfall” was wiped out by the thirteen heroes, as she made a country her capital and filled it with the undead. This can even imply that she might be one of the evil deities who caused the destruction two hundred years ago.

Despite what the rumors say about her, she was still alive and somehow became a companion of Thirteen Heroes during their journey together. She also fought against evil deities, such as the Insect god, alongside her companions in the past.

However, due to being a vampire, Evileye’s good deeds were either forgotten or never mentioned in human history. Instead, she is only remembered as an evil deity who once destroyed a nation and met her end at the hands of the thirteen heroes.

Two Hundred years later, Rigrit Bers Caurau, an old friend and former companion of the thirteen heroes, asked Evileye to take her place in Blue Roses. Eventually, she became the newest member of Blue Roses.

She is no longer known as the vampire lord “Landfall” and hides under the name of Evileye, Blue Roses’ arcane magic caster and the most powerful magic caster in the Re-Estize Kingdom.

Overlord - Evileye Explained/Analysis - Landfall


  • Evileye real name is Keno Fasris Invern.
  • She knows the existence of 10th Tier magic spells.
  • It was stated that Evileye knows over 100 magic spells so far that she can use.
  • Evileye considers the players a race and refers to their descendants as God-kin.
  • There’s a possibility that her affection for Momon can be due to his racial classes being high-tier undead.
  • Entoma swore that she would get revenge on Evileye, Asking Ainz Ooal Gown to be given a second chance again to fight her.

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