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Who is the King of Free Fire: Everything You Need To Know

GT King aka Gaming Tamizhan is one of the most popular Free Fire Content Creator on Youtube, he has over 2.8 million subscribers in his channel.

In this article, we are going to check out the King of Free Fire, His Free Fire ID, Real Name, Net Worth and everything you may need to know about him.

Who is the King of Free Fire in India?

GT King is considered as the King of Free Fire by his Fans and his real name is Ravichandra Vigneshwar.

Gt King is from the Tamilnadu state of India, which is a part of South India. He started his youtube channel on January 2019 and uploaded Free Fire videos on his channel. Moreover, He has uploaded 937 videos and has around 2.83 million subscribers in his youtube channel “Gaming Tamizhan”.

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Gaming Tamizhan Free Fire ID

Now you already know about Who is the King of Free Fire and its time for his Free Fire Uid, his game id is 287597612 and he is a member of GT Family Guild.

GT King In-game Stats

Here you can check Gaming Tamizhan aka GT King’s Free Fire Stats and more details:

Lifetime Stats

Gt King Lifetime Stats
GT King Lifetime Stats

Gt King has played 18175 Squad games in which he managed to win 3613 games with 51628 kills. He has a K/D Ratio of 3.55.

GT King has also appeared in 1797 Duo games and has able to get Booyah in 160 matches by defeating 3351 Players. He has a K/D Ratio of 2.05.

Moreover, King of Free Fire has played only Solo games and has got 48 wins by defeating 1448 players. He has a K/D rate of 2.32.

Ranked Stats

Who is the King of Free Fire? Gt King
GT King Ranked Stats

In the current Ranked season, Gaming Tamizhan aka GT King has participated in 9 Squad games in which he has won a single time. He has defeated 21 enemies with a K/D ratio of 2.63.

He has played 3 Duo matches this season but didn’t manage to get Booyah but has defeated 6 players. He has a K/D Ratio of 2.00.

Moreover, King of Free Fire has only played a single time in a Solo match and again didn’t able to get booyah and has only eliminated 1 player in this season.

Note: The In-game stats of GT King are subject to change as the YouTuber plays more matches.

GT King Net Worth

Gaming Tamizhan Net Worth and income stats
Gaming Tamizhan Income Stats

According to Social Blade, the estimated monthly income from the Gaming Tamizhan channel is about $1.9k – $31k. His Estimated Yearly earnings from his youtube channel are about $23.2k – $371.9k.

note that GT King Income Stats are not official and are taken from a social media analytics site, Social Blade.

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This article will tell you about Who is the King of Free Fire in India and GT King is considered the King by his Fans.

The Stats in this article are recorded at the time of writing this and may change.

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