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Reasons Why DJ Alok is the Most Valuable Character in Free Fire

As you may know, in the December update, Chrono has faced the biggest nerf and players can no longer fire on enemies inside the shield, Even the speed boost was also removed.

Right now, Chrono is playing a side role as his golden days have been gone and with these limitations, he now plays a more passive and defensive role in Squad Fights.

This lead to a power vacuum in Free Fire, as the most powerful character, is now placed on a bench. Several characters are ready to take his place, DJ Alok stands out being a fully Balanced character among them. Furthermore, there will be no more balance updates in 2021 which ensures that DJ Alok will be the most valuable Free Fire Character in 2022.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Players should use DJ Alok in Battle Field

How to get DJ Alok Character for Free
DJ Alok will arrive as the Free Fire Most Valuable Character

1) Ability to Heal & increase Movement Speed

The ring of Alok’s ability is more than just a fancy look. It provides huge benefits during Combat, which affect the entire squad. This skill provides a 15% increase in movement speed and restores 5 HP per second.

Furthermore, this ability reassures players that they never have to worry about healing.

2) Works Best with Other Characters

Character combination with dj alok
Character combination with dj Alok (Image via Free Fire)

Alok’s ability “Drop the Beat” makes him the best character to use with other skills combination in Free Fire. Since it can be used in any style of play, it is highly versatile.

Here are some Ability combinations players can try:

  • Supporter: DJ Alok + Maro + Moco + Laura
  • Rushers: DJ Alok + Kelly + D-Bee + Jota
  • Captain: DJ Alok + Jota + Miguel + Joseph

There are numerous possible combinations players can try to fit their battle style. Furthermore, it is also a good character for Solo players.

3) Low Skill reuse time

One of the best features of Alok’s ability is its Cooldown. At the max level, the ability’s cooldown time is very low (45 seconds), which is completely unmatched given its tactical uses.

DJ Alok's skill cooldown can be reduced up to 15% by using Rockie pet.
DJ Alok’s skill cooldown can be reduced up to 15% by using Rockie pet.

An addition of a 6% reduction in Skill cooldown time can be achieved by using Rockie Pet. When at the max level this increases up to 15%. In addition, the cooldown time can be reduced up to 38 seconds.

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