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Top 5 Pro INDIAN Youtubers Minecraft World Download

Minecraft is always been a popular Survival game since its release, the game has gained a massive player base. Last year, Youtube had celebrated 1 Trillion views of Minecraft-related content.

Many popular Indian Youtubers have created their world and I guess many of their fans want to try out their world for fun. In this article, we have shared the top 5 Indian Youtubers Minecraft maps and a guide to download them as well.

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Top 5 Minecraft Youtubers World Download

1) Techno Gamerz


Techno Gamerz aka Ujjawal Chaurasia is one of the most popular Gaming Youtuber in India. Apart from Minecraft, he also plays various other games such as GTA 5, Hitman, and more.

Ujjawal uploads a Minecraft episode once a week, and his Minecraft world “Castle” is very popular among his fans. So if you wanna try out Techno Gamerz world on your device then you can download it from here.

2) Chapati Hindustani Gamer


Chapati Hindustani Gamer is one of India’s most popular Minecraft content creators on youtube. He regularly uploads Minecraft videos on his youtube channel that is standing at 7 Million subscribers.

Chapati’s Minecraft world “Dubai” is very popular among the Minecraft community and often players look for how to download his world, so you can download it from here.

3) Live Insaan

I Built The Biggest Beacon in My Minecraft World

Live Insaan popularly known as Triggered Insaan is one of the most anticipated Youtuber. However, he has two channels in which one is focused on Roasting and another one, in which he uploads Videos on popular Games like GTA 5, Minecraft, etc.

Many of his fans wanna try his Minecraft world seed so if you are one of those, you can download the Triggered Insaan world Map from here.

4) Gamerfleet

OneBlock Series Is Backk !! 😍| Minecraft

Gamerfleet aka Anshu Bisht is one of India’s popular Gaming content creators who has been uploading videos for quite a time. He is not that active in his main channel however, he regularly uploads Minecraft videos in his second channel “Anshu Bisht”.

Because of his Minecraft Series, Many players want to try out his World Map, so you can download the MCPE world from here.

5) Yes Smarty Pie

Hogalalla's Duplicate Chased Us | Minecraft Himlands [S-3 part 23]

YesSmartyPie aka Hitesh Khangta is one of the famous Minecraft players in India. He is quite famous among the Minecraft community because of his Minecraft’s Him Land series.

His Himland series has been running for quite a time and many players want to try out Himlands world in Minecraft. You can download his world map/seed from here.

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